Adjust formatting, size, text effects with Aegisub

In addition to creating subtitles for movies, videos, you can also make your subtitles more interesting, more vivid by adjusting the format, size, text effects with Aegisub. You can also rely on these tools to create a very interesting Karaoke video.

Create subtitles for videos by Aegisub was introduced to you in previous posts. However Adjust formatting, size, text effects with Aegisub When creating subtitles for videos, not everyone knows. The creation of text effects will make our lines of subtitles more vivid, more attractive so that viewers are not bored.

Adjust formatting, size, text effects with Aegisub

Step 1: To adjust the format of text in Aegisub, you can use the tool fn right above

the main government is with agisub

Step 2: Here, you will see the Font window appears with many features

Font: Choose a font
Font Style: Font style
Size: Size of text
Effects: Select the style of the gangster font (Strikeout) or the underline style (Underline).
Sample: sample preview
Color: choose font color
Script: Select a font style. For example, Vietnamese is accented language, Arabic font, Thai font, etc.

After selecting you click Ok, got it to update.

exactly with aegisub

Step 3: After making the changes, your subtitles will be added with symbols before and after

Correct cancer with aegisub

Step 4: Create text effects with Aegisub.

You click on Edit to start creating text effects. In the dialog box Style Editor appears, you will see the edit

Style Name: Name the effect
Font: Adjust font, font size, bold, italic, underline, dash
Color: Adjust main color (Primary), secondary color (secondary), color (Outline), shadow color (Shadow).
Margins: Align, in pixels. Left (right alignment), Right (right alignment), Vert (top alignment, bottom)
Alignment: Align text according to the screen, according to the Numlock style on the keyboard
Outlline: Adjust the thickness, thinness of the border and shadow
Miscellaneous: Adjust the scale (Scale), rotate text according to the Y (Rotation), the distance between words (Spacing), encoding (encoding)

Preview: Preview.

After adjusting the desired, click Apply to see it. Click Ok to agree.

I am going with aegisub

Step 5: You can get results after clicking OK, got it. The position of subtitles is set at position 4 by Numpad

I understand aegisub sub bang
Above is a guide to adjust the format, size, text effect with Aegisub. Hopefully, through this article, you will create subtitles with unique and interesting text effects for yourself. If you do not have the Aegisub software on your computer, please refer to it install Aegisub Here I wish you success


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