Adjust webcam position when Live Stream Video on Facebook

Many readers sent feedback to Taimienphi with questions similar to how to make their Camera images show and zoom on Live Stream as people still do. This is also quite simple, please read the following article to make the webcam location when Live Stream Facebook offline.

Live Stream Facebook is a fairly popular phrase lately, with online videos that attract viewers in many genres like football, games, events … Along with that is the interaction of the Live Stream player with the players. via webcam helps them get closer to each other. In the previous article, Taimienphi also shared with you tips on live streaming Facebook and received positive feedback.

Along with the full bloom of Live Stream Currently, there are quite a lot of people responding and asking how to stream Live Stream with players through webcam minimize the screen corner, or how to play my thumbnail on Live Stream ?. The answer is also quite simple if the device you are using has Camera And you complete the steps that Taimienphi instructions below. Read or follow along.

Adjust webcam position when Live Stream Video on Facebook

This article, Taimienphi will use Open BroadCaster software (or OBS) to record and play live video on Facebook, you proceed to download and install Open Broadcaster on your computer, how to install Open Broadcaster is quite simple.

Step 1: At the setting screen of Open BroadCaster, you choose Add >Video Capture Device in section Sources as shown below:

webcam webcam live stream video on facebook 2

Step 2: A small dialog box appears, name the new field and click OK, got it

webcam webcam live stream video on facebook 3

Step 3: Open BroadCaster software will search and identify all webcam devices on your computer. For example, here Open BroadCaster receives a Webcam called FaceTime HD Camera on its computer.

webcam webcam live stream video on facebook 4

Step 4: Next in the Video section, here you will set the resolution or many still called thumbnail frames. If the default is, the webcam will automatically receive the maximum resolution (1280×720 here) and it will display almost full screen when streaming. It will be very annoying when the content to be streamed is obscured by the webcam image and slideshow when Stream. To change, you put a checkmark in the item Custom Resolution and choose the desired size. After setup is complete, press OK, got it to save changes.

webcam webcam live stream video on facebook 5

Step 5: To change the webcam location when Live Stream Video on Facebook, right-click on the webcam and select Position / Site and select the desired location as shown below.

webcam webcam live stream video on facebook 6

The positions you can choose are as follows:

Move to Left Edge: left corner of the screen
Move to Top: above
Move to Right Edge: right corner of the screen
Move to Bottom: below

webcam webcam live stream video on facebook 7

As shown in the picture above, to put the webcam position when live video streaming on Facebook to the lower right corner of the screen, I choose Move to Right Edge and then select continue Move to Bottom.

Above is the whole tutorial Adjust webcam position when live streaming video on Facebook which Taimienphi wants to share with readers, hopefully this little tip will help you to have perfect Live Stream sessions that attract a lot of viewers. In addition to the way Live Stream Facebook through OBS that Taimienphi mentioned above you can completely use many other support tools. Especially those of you who often Live Stream Game will not be able to ignore BlueStracks tool, especially with the launch of BlueStacks 3, the leading Android emulation software now helps us to play mobile games on The computer just makes Live Stream game easy. After downloading BlueStacks 3, you can refer to the tutorial article Stream BlueStacks game on Facebook that we shared before. If you encounter any errors and difficulties in any step in the process, you can send feedback below to discuss with us.
Similarly, for gamers LOL (League of Legends) instead of just streaming lol gaming monitor, you can easily put the webcam to stream lol, play your image on the live screen. Good luck!


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