AIMP update 4.60.2170

AIMP music player is considered by many users to be a powerful feature, allowing you to enjoy music with superior sound quality, along with an easy-to-use interface, with a way of working similar to Winamp in In many respects, in the recently released update AIMP 4.60.2170 has many notable changes.

After a long wait, recent updates AIMP 4.60.2170 has officially reached the user’s hands. In the new version, the publisher did not make many modifications, only upgraded, added some additional options and fixed some common errors.

Release the AIMP update 4.60.2170

Users can download and personally explore new updates in AIMP version 4.60.2170 or you refer to the content that Taimienphi presents in the content below.
– Download the latest AIMP software: Download AIMP 4.60.2170

New in AIMP version 4.60.2170

Usually, common, normal: Locate has been updated.
Equalizer: Preset Alternative / Industrial / Hip-Hop was added.
– Fix some minor errors.

Why should you use AIMP music player software?

AIMP supports multiple audio formats and offers a wide range of features such as audio equalizer, ability to create custom presets, burn, convert and rip CDs, and more. AIMP includes 18 equalization bands, an intuitive window that displays rhythmic visual effects, and a playlist editor used to organize audio files.

The beautiful fade effect makes the user’s song list look like an endless music loop and the handy volume normalization feature helps avoid changing the volume between tracks. In addition, the main functions of Music player software This can be conveniently controlled by hotkeys on the keyboard.

Besides playing music, AIMP also provides 3 additional utilities, allowing you to record any sound on your computer, convert audio files from one format to another and view or edit. card. AIMP is designed based on the famous BASS audio engine, so it easily connects new plugins (from the plugin library included in the program) and extends the program’s functionality.
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