Aligning in Word 2019 the best and most beautiful

Aligning in Word 2019 the best and most beautiful

Proceeding the alignment in Word 2019 has both improved the aesthetic and created a professional feeling for the viewer, however, not everyone knows how to align the alignment so that the face is beautiful in accordance with state standards.

Instructions on how to align text in standard Word 2019

Aligning text in Word makes the text neat and beautiful for the viewer. For those who often have to draft administrative documents, this requirement is even stricter. The Government has issued Document No. 01/2011 / TT-BNV detailing this issue, according to which, the standard alignment in administrative documents is as follows:

– Top margin (Top): The content is 2 – 2.5cm from the top edge of the paper
– Bottom margin (Bottom): The content is 2 – 2.5cm from the bottom edge of the paper
– Left margin (Left): The content is 3 – 3.5cm from the left edge of the paper
– Right margin (Right): The content is 1.5 – 2cm from the upper right edge of the paper

It can be seen that the alignment is not only aesthetic but also a mandatory requirement for office workers. However, for some inexperienced users or unfamiliar with the interface of the latest version of Word 2019, it will be awkward and do not know what to do. In this article, Taimienphi will guide you how to align the most perfect way.

Instructions on how to align text in Word 2019 according to administrative text standards

Step 1: Convert the measurement unit to centimeters when aligning

As shared above, the state’s standard alignment is in units of centimeters. However, the default measurement unit in Word is inches. Therefore, if you want to use standard alignment in administrative documents, you need to perform a conversion step.

In the main working screen of Word 2019, click File, then select Options in the left column.

Can le in word 2019 2

Now Word Options window appears, navigate to the item Advanced. In the info window on the right, navigate to the line Show measurements in units of (Show measurements in units of) and convert to units of Centimeters. Press Ok, got it to save this change.

Can le in word 2019 3

Step 2: Access the Page setup folder in Word 2019

After converting the measurement unit successfully, you return to the main working screen of Word 2019. Now click on the card Layout Then look at the group of features Page Setup. Click on the icon in the bottom right corner to go to the detailed menu.

Can le in word 2019 4

Step 3: Make settings for alignment in Word 2019 professionally

At this window Page Setup appears, you make changes, align the top, bottom, left, right so that it conforms to state standards. Press Ok, got it to save this setting for the text you are editing.

Note: To apply this alignment to all types of text later, you choose Set As Default (Set as default) and press Yes to agree.

Can le in word 2019 5
Taimienphi has just taught you how to align text in Word 2019 so that the beautiful face, true to the administrative document requirements. During the setup process, which alignment you have problems in, please leave a comment below for Taimienphi to answer as soon as possible! In addition, in the process of drafting documents, you will probably see blue and red dashes, at this time, you should refer Delete underlines in Word 2019 here to remove the red and blue dashes.


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