All about Technical SEO 2019

In the previous article, did introduce you to SEO? In SEO, SEO technique or Technical SEO is extremely important factor. The article All about Technical SEO 2019 below will introduce you to techniques in SEO.

Most businesses need to maintain their visibility and relevance on search results. The data is now considered “king” because users no longer look at “golden” websites, famous brands to search for the products and services they need.

What users need now is a search box to find what they want. All the user experience starts in the search box, making this an invisible SEO, one of the leading solutions for online marketing and brand identity.

The important thing to remember is that SEO is a combination of techniques and technological aspects, SEO has never been underestimated. The optimization technique is extremely important with an online website.

Well-known web experts recommend businesses and individuals to use Technical SEO (SEO techniques) to achieve the desired results, improve visits and higher rankings. So in the following article, will introduce you all about technical SEO 2019.

1. What is Technical SEO?

Put simply, Technical SEO or SEO techniques ensure the actions taken to ensure a site complies with the principles set by search engines.

By tracking Technical SEO can help increase traffic and better rankings from search engines without resorting to the help of 3rd party service providers.

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2. All about Technical SEO 2019

Site speed

Site speed is one of the issues that needs attention in 2019. With Google’s algorithm changing, site speed has also become one of the factors to evaluate rankings.

About 47% of users expect site loading speed within 2 seconds or less. If the speed of your website takes longer to load, surely the percentage of users “abandoning” is very large.

So make sure your site loading speed is not too slow compared to the competitor’s website. If you doubt your site’s loading speed, you can use a tool called Google Page Speed ​​Insights to check page speed. In addition the tool also provides you with solutions to speed up the site.

Friendly with mobile devices

One of the next important factors is to make your website mobile friendly. Today most users tend to use mobile devices more than computers. By optimizing your website to be mobile friendly is also a way to increase your website traffic and rankings.

Mobile-First Indexing (or indexing on mobile devices) that Google launched allows you to set up your web version on mobile devices. Google takes a similar mobile approach to indexing on a computer, i.e., Google determines the rank of your website on the mobile version based on information collected from the computer version.

Crawl Errors

The next step is to remove crawl errors from your site. Search engines cannot crawl and index your site if it contains crawl errors.

To search for pages on the site, search engines use “crawlers”. These pages will then be graded by hundreds of signals to determine whether these pages should be indexed and ranked high for a specific keyword on the SERP.

Google Search Console allows you to track different aspects of the site just like when the website was last crawled for indexing and security errors. Get rid of these errors as soon as possible. Deep Crawl and seoClarity are the best tools for checking crawl errors.

Website structure

The stability of the website plays an important role in SEO. Assuming that if your site goes down constantly, the search engines will ignore it and the site will not be able to get a good ranking.

In addition, this is also the reason why your website traffic drops “pathetically”. By checking your site regularly, fixing server or host issues so that these errors do not affect your site’s traffic and rankings.

Analyze your URL

URLs are important aspects of Technical SEO. According to Google, your URL must be as simple as possible. Complex URLs do not impress search engines. Also standard URLs have hyphens and matching spaces.

The crawler may be confused by complex URLs and may not properly index your site. By making your website URL as simple as possible. Not only is this useful for SEO, but it also makes it easier for users to access your site.


Certain image files and specific sources should not be displayed when Google crawls through your site. Robot.txt files play a very important role because they ensure that specific files are not displayed in Google search results.

The above article has just introduced you all about Technical SEO 2019. Basically Technical SEO is an important factor to run and optimize the website effectively. Hopefully the article above has provided you with useful information, you read more reference SEM and SEO, choose which one?
In addition, if you have any questions or questions, you can leave your comments in the comment section below the article.


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