AMD launches Ryzen 6000 Series mobile processors with a series of significant improvements in graphics and power efficiency

After countless rumors on the sidelines, AMD has finally officially launched the all-new Ryzen 6000 Series mobile processors. These new generation mobile CPU models promise to bring a fresher breeze to the global laptop market, with a series of improvements in both graphics processing capabilities and power savings.

Basically, the new Ryzen 6000 series of processors are built on a 6nm manufacturing process, featuring Zen 3+ CPU cores and RDNA 2 graphics architecture. AMD claims this new generation of mobile processors will deliver Single-threaded performance is improved by 11%, multi-threaded performance is 28% better and overall performance is 28% higher in the PC Mark 10 Extended benchmark scale.

Thanks to the AMD RDNA2 graphics architecture, the Ryzen 6000 series promises significantly improved gaming performance compared to its predecessor. AMD even confidently claims that the performance in games like Doom and CS: Go of the Ryzen 6000 chip will be much better when compared to comparable Intel processors and NVIDIA MX450 GPUs.

Power efficiency is also a big highlight on the Ryzen 6000. The new chip is said to be 40% more power efficient in streaming video, 30% for video calling, and 15% more power efficient. for web browsing. These are all tasks that are used frequently by laptop users today.

In addition, the Ryzen 6000 Series is also the first x86 processor family to support the advanced security features of Windows 11, with the integrated Microsoft Pluton security chip.

Basically, the Ryzen 6000 Series mobile processors will support the following features:

  • USB4 40GBPS
  • PCI-E Gen4
  • DDR5
  • WiFi 6E
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • HDMI 2.1
  • Display Port 2
  • AV1 Media Engine
  • HDR pipeline
  • AMD FreeSync

The new processor line will appear on a series of laptop models launched in the first months of 2022.


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