Bitcoin sẽ "chuyển mình" trong tháng 9

Analysis: Bitcoin price ‘one step back to two steps forward’

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Bitcoin will "transform" in September

The analyst says that the Bitcoin price is currently in the ‘minor cycle’ of the ‘big bull cycle’.

In the past two weeks, the cryptocurrency market has not had a significant breakthrough. However, some analysts believe that the market is in an accumulation phase, preparing for the upcoming positive outlook.

Market analyst ‘Bitcoin’ Jack recently suggested that Bitcoin’s bottom in a ‘mini-bearish cycle’ will be established in July. A second buying opportunity occurs in August or September.

“If Bitcoin follows an ‘exit fish’ pattern, I predict BTC will range from $32,000 to $50,000 over the summer,” Jack said.

As depicted in the chart below, the ongoing correction appears to be part of wave 4 and according to the analyst, many are “missing the 5th bullish wave”.

For key buying opportunities, Jack says downside risk [về mặt lý thuyết] has passed. The dumping in wave 4 shows that many people have given up. On the other hand, many parties are increasing accumulation.

Finally, Jack confirmed the correction of wave 4 “is not over yet”. As for the next peaking time frame (ATH), Jack commented: “Considering the hypothesis, the forecasts suggest that September is the time to pivot to new ATHs.”

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