Anti-write USB protection data with USB Dummy Protect

Among the USB antivirus methods, the USB anti-virus protection of Dummy Protect is very special. Software helps you prevent Viruses by writing to the leftover space of the USB so that the virus has no room to enter USB.

USB Dummy Protect is used to protect USB safely and effectively. The software automatically overwrites the free space on the USB so the virus no longer has the opportunity to intrude on your data. The following article will guide you on how to prevent writing data on USB using USB Dummy Protect software, along with tracking.

Instructions for writing USB protected data with USB Dummy Protect

Note: USB Dummy Protect only works in case your USB has 2GB or less.

Step 1: Download and install the software. You can download the latest version of USB Dummy Protect here: Download USB Dummy Protect

Step 2: Proceed to use:

After extracting, you copy the file USBDummyProtect into USB

USB Dummy Protect

Step 3: Next you click on USBDummyProtect for the software to run.

– Completion time depends on the remaining capacity of the USB.

– My USB is redundant 845MB so the image will display Writing 845MB.

Step 4: After the program has finished running, you will see your USB is full.

If you want to copy more files next time, just delete the file dummy in USB is okay.
In the framework of the above article, we have instructed you to use USB Dummy Protect to prevent writing data to USB, so that it is difficult for Virus to penetrate and damage data on your USB. In addition, you can consult and use the USB protection software available in


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