Antivirus software 2017, Top 10 best to use (free and paid)

Antivirus software 2017, Top 10 best to use (free and paid)

Antivirus software has become an indispensable thing on the computer when the virus is now growing stronger and more sophisticated. The following article would like to introduce to you the 2017 Antivirus software, Top 10 best to use (free and paid). Please refer

In 2016, we introduced you to the top 10 best free antivirus software. These are all free software, popular for every computer user. If you have referencetop antivirus software 2016 for free, you probably expect the top 10 best antivirus software 2017 right. For that reason, today will send to you the most powerful antivirus software, the best ranked Top 10 antivirus software 2017 worth a try.

Top 10 best antivirus software 2017, recommended (free and paid)

1. Avast Free Antivirus

To protect the computer system, important data users will choose Avast Free Antivirus. Rated as one of the most powerful and effective antivirus software in the world today, Avast Free Antivirus is also used for free on all versions of Windows.

The first version of Avast Free Antivirus was born in 1998. After nearly 20 years of development, now Avast Free Antivirus is being trusted by users as a loyal protection tool on computers. Avast Free Antivirus is powerful in the ability to scan and test your computer system, checking for corrupted software on your computer. Not only that, Avast Free Antivirus now has versions for MAC and Android that are also very powerful and worth using.

Download Avast Free Antivirus here: Download Avast Free Antivirus

2. AVG Internet Security

AVG Internet Security has the most powerful defense capability. This software helps users detect and remove viruses, effectively block ads on computers. Not only protects your computer in the Offline state but AVG Internet Security also helps prevent attacks from the Internet, keeping your computer in a high state of defense. In the age of using social networks Facebook, Twitter … as much as today, the defense against viruses, malicious code is what users care about. Because of this reason, AVG Internet Security is always in the top of the best antivirus software in the world.

Top 10 antivirus software 2017

Download AVG Internet Security here: Download AVG Internet Security

3. Bitdefender Internet Security

Antivirus software Bitdefender Internet Security is listed in the top 10 best antivirus software 2017 because of its outstanding features such as: 100% system optimization support, improved anti-virus performance, computer protection , virus search speed improved …

Top 10 antivirus software 2017

In addition, Bitdefender Internet Security also helps users protect USB drives, scan files before moving from computer to USB and vice versa. Another advantage of Bitdefender Internet Security is that this software does not take up much computer memory. Although Bitdefender Internet Security is always in protection mode, you do not consume too much RAM for this software.

Download Bitdefender Internet Security here: Download Bitdefender Internet Security

4. ESET Smart Security

ESET Smart Security software is designed with a very simple interface, allowing users to get used to it quickly. ESET Smart Security helps prevent viruses or malicious codes through web browser, pdf reader, office files or even java communication …

Top 10 antivirus software 2017

For parents, ESET Smart Security is in control of your children accessing websites. Parents can restrict malicious websites and check their children’s web access on computers.

Download ESET Smart Security here: Download ESET Smart Security

5. Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security is an indispensable name in every list of leading antivirus software. Used by Vietnamese users, Kaspersky Internet Security is a software that is always installed first on the computer. This software has a strong protection layer, along with superior protection features to help users’ computers stay safe from any threats.

Top 10 antivirus software 2017

Kaspersky Internet Security software is best used when connected to the Internet. However, in offline mode, this software still has the ability to effectively prevent the spread of viruses. As soon as the virus is detected, Kaspersky Internet Security software will send a notice to the user, requesting immediate removal of the virus.

Download Kaspersky Internet Security here: Download Kaspersky Internet Security

6. Windows Defender

Windows Defender software is developed by Microsoft and is also one of the very powerful software to remove viruses. Using Windows Defender, users will be protected from malware, pop-up ads and spyware.

Top 10 antivirus software 2017

The main features of Windows Defender include: detect and detect spyware, provide periodic scanning, browse the Web more safely, update data continuously. Try using Microsoft’s Windows Defender antivirus software and leave a review.

Download Windows Defender here: Download Windows Defender

7. Norton Internet Security

Norton Internet Security is also one of the familiar names on anti-virus on computers. Developed by Symantec, Norton Internet Security software is constantly being upgraded and improved to compete with other competitors. Using Norton Internet Security, users can feel secure when browsing, accessing websites under the strict supervision and protection of Norton Internet Security.

Top 10 antivirus software 2017

Download Norton Internet Security here: Download Norton Internet Security


The only antivirus software of Vietnam in the top 10 best antivirus software in 2017 is BKAV. Constantly upgraded and developed, BKAV always closely follow the advanced features from the leading antivirus software.

Top 10 antivirus software 2017

BKAV software has main features such as: automatic detection and removal of viruses, adware removal, adware firewall, trojan removal, backdoor and other malicious code, system cleaning and optimization, backup and restore data, set up virus scanning schedule, works smoothly on any computer. To support BKAV Group as well as Vietnamese software, download BKAV immediately to your computer to use.

Download BKAV here: Download BKAV

9. Comodo Internet Security

Comodo Internet Security has the main features such as detecting and eliminating viruses, removing malicious programs, removing deceptive programs, spyware, … This is an effective solution to protect computers in your current age of Internet boom.

Top 10 antivirus software 2017

Built on powerful algorithms, Comodo Internet Security brings peace of mind to users in the ability to protect computers. Not only that, Comodo Internet Security software is also designed with small capacity, less space consumption on the computer.

Download Comodo Internet Security here: Download Comodo Internet Security

10. F-secure Safe

The last software in the list of the top 10 best antivirus software 2017 is F-secure Safe. Integrated with advanced security technologies, F-Secure Safe software helps users prevent virus, spyware, keylogger, rootkit, phishing and malware threats …

Top 10 antivirus software 2017

With underground mode, F-secure Safe can prevent threats without affecting other jobs on your computer. Being in the same class as the famous software above, F-secure Safe will definitely not disappoint you.

Download F-Secure Safe here: Download F-Secure Safe

Above is a list of 10 best antivirus software 2017 that users should not ignore. There is also another way to manually remove trojan virus on Windows 7, 8 without software. Manual removal of Trojan horses on Windows 7 and 8 is quite effective. Although not as quick as using the above software, but this procedure is also recommended to use in the case of low-configuration computers, unable to install anti-virus software.
Normally, Windows recommends users to turn on a firewall to protect the computer. However in each case that the user should turn on, turn off the firewall in the computer. There are some software, games that when you turn on the firewall on the computer will not be usable. In those cases, users must know how to turn on and turn off the firewall on the computer to use it flexibly.


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