Apple announced the Self Service Repair program, allowing customers to buy genuine parts to repair their devices by themselves

In the context that “the right to repair smartphones” is still a controversial topic in many countries around the world, very few big technology companies have succumbed to the pressure of public opinion about a smartphone that must be able to repair. Easy repair and replacement of parts. However, Apple seems to be the first big company to “get in the water” when it has just announced a quite interesting and beneficial after-sales program for users.

Called Self Service Repair, this is basically a service package that allows owners of Apple devices to order genuine parts and components from the company so that they can complete their own device repairs. . At the initial stage of implementation, the program will only be applied to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series. According to the plan, Self Service Repair will be piloted by Apple in the United States early next year, before expanding to other countries throughout 2022. In addition, the Mac M1 series will also be included in the program in the near future.

Note that during the initial rollout of the Self Service Repair program, customers will only be able to order common, problematic components such as screens, batteries, and cameras. Additional components packages will be announced at the end of next year.

Here are some notes from Apple with the Self Service Repair program:

  • To ensure that the repair process can be performed at home safely, users need to carefully consult the repair manual first, as well as consult with experienced and professional people.
  • Customers can then order genuine Apple parts and components through the Apple Self Service Repair Online Store.
  • Once the repair is complete, customers who return their damaged, used parts to Apple for recycling will receive credits for subsequent purchases.
  • The Apple Self Service Repair Online Store will offer more than 200 individual components and tools, allowing customers to complete the most common repair procedures on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.
  • Do-it-yourself home repair should only be done by technicians, or individuals with knowledge and experience related to repairing electronic equipment.


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