Apple announces the list of the best apps and games in the App Store in 2021

Similar to other app store platforms, the last month of the year is an occasion for Apple to reveal the list of apps and games that are rated as the best on the App Store according to many different categories and evaluation criteria. This is also a well-deserved recognition and honor that Apple gives to the development teams behind the success of quality software products on its platform.

This year’s Apple 2021 App Store Awards continues to evaluate apps and games according to the following criteria: Quality, innovative design, advanced technology, and positive cultural impact. Talking about this year’s event, CEO Tim Cook, CEO of Apple said:

“The developers who won the Apple 2021 App Store Awards show their own drive and vision in bringing users really great apps and games over the course of the past year. It is they who inspire creativity and passion for millions of others around the world, through their software products.”

First, in the category of best apps for iPhone, the name was honored as Toca Life World (belongs to developer Toca Boca). This is a useful educational game for children, helping them create their own world of discovery and interact with any story they like. Category iPhone Game of the Year called League of Legends: Wild Rift – Mobile Moba game possesses all the elements: Attractive gameplay, good graphics quality, high stability…

Regarding the iPad category, LumaFusion, the popular video editing app has unexpectedly won the iPad App of the Year award. LumaFusion’s strength lies in its high stability, diverse functions, good cross-platform support, and especially excellent video editing capabilities. About the iPad Game of the Year awards, Marvel Future Revolution is a convincing leading name.

Here is the list of remaining names honored with the Apple 2021 App Store Awards:

  • Mac App of the Year: Crafts
  • Game of the Year on Mac: Myst
  • Apple TV App of the Year: DAZN
  • Game of the Year on Apple TV: Space Marshals 3
  • Apple Watch App of the Year: Carrot Weather
  • Game of the Year on Apple Arcade: Fantasian

In addition, Apple also highlighted another award category called “Connection”, which honors apps that bring people closer together. This year’s roster includes Among US!, Bumble, Canva, EatOkra, and Peanut. Each winner in this category will receive an in-kind award featuring the App Store logo. The name of the winner will also be engraved on the prize.


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