Apple hasn’t given up on the idea of ​​AirPower, a wireless charger for multiple devices at once

Contrary to products that were canceled after a short period of development that did not show prospects or feasibility, the AirPower charger, after many years, is still a plan that Apple has always struggled with, despite many times. Miss the date.

Back at the end of 2017, the name AirPower was mentioned for the first time with the ‌iPhone‌ 8 and ‌iPhone‌ X. Accompanied by extremely interesting descriptions of a special “charging pad”, designed Designed to wirelessly charge multiple Apple devices at the same time without any jacks. At the time, Apple confidently said the product would launch in 2018. But in reality, that didn’t happen.

The charging plate suffers from overheating problem, which is caused by the dense arrangement of the solenoid coils inside. Since then, Apple seems to have been stuck in a mess of its own making. At the peak of early 2019, Apple almost decided to give up on the idea of ​​​​AirPower, with the main reason being that they could not meet the “high standards” that they set themselves.

In return, Apple has launched the MagSafe charging feature on its iPhone models, accompanied by the ‌MagSafe‌ Duo accessory, which supports wireless charging of the Apple Watch and ‌iPhone‌ at the same time. But in essence, ‌MagSafe‌ Duo is just two separate wireless chargers combined together, not “miracle” like AirPower.

After more than a year, recently, information about AirPower suddenly became hot again after a new report from journalist Mark Gurman (Bloomberg), who is famous for his highly accurate sharing of technology products. Apple’s. According to the veteran pen, veteran pen, Apple has not given up on its intention to create a high-end wireless charging accessory that can charge multiple devices such as iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods at the same time, or specifically here is AirPower. Gurman said he believes Apple is still working on charging solutions that don’t rely on inductive charging technology.

Specifically, Gurman mentioned that Apple is developing a “short and long distance wireless charging device”. In it, all mobile devices can be charged simultaneously and even cross-charge each other. “Imagine an iPad cps that can charge an iPhone‌ and then the ‌iPhone‌ charges an AirPods or an Apple Watch,” Gurman added.

If Gurman’s revelation is correct, Apple hasn’t given up on its plans to release a mat-style wireless charging device that can charge all three products at once.

However, Apple’s ambitions seem to go even further with reverse wireless charging, which is now common in Android devices but in embryonic form in iPhones. We’ve long been hearing rumors about so-called reverse wireless charging for new-generation ‌iPhone‌ models. The closest product to support this feature is a MagSafe battery pack, which can draw power from the ‌iPhone‌ when the device is plugged in and charged.

With the reverse wireless charging feature of ‌MagSafe Battery Pack‌, it technically looks like the ‌iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 will be able to charge AirPods or AirPods Pro, but Apple has yet to implement the feature.


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