Apple officially locked iOS 15.0, blocking downgrades from two versions of iOS 15.0.1 and iOS 15.1

Recently, Apple continued to block the sign of iOS 15.0 version, after releasing an iOS 15.1 update to fix the Apple Watch unlocking error for iPhone 13 users. Thus, it means that users will not be able to return to iOS. 15.0 is available if you have updated to iOS 15.0.1 or are using iOS 15.1 beta.

Apple stopped signing iOS 14.8, iOS 15 users can’t downgrade to this version

Apple has just officially stopped signing iOS 14.8, the official iOS 14 version is almost the last for users, after 2 weeks since this technology company released the latest operating system iOS 15. This means that if a user has already updated to iOS 15, 15.0.1 or iOS 15.1 beta, they will not be able to downgrade to iOS 14.8. For iOS 15.1 users, you can still downgrade to iOS 15.0 if you want.

Initially, Apple only blocked signing iOS 14.8 on some devices such as iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPad Air 3. But after that, all devices from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch could not downgrade to iOS 14.8. again.

It’s not a new thing for Apple to block signing old iOS versions after releasing a new iOS version. After locking iOS 14.8 sign, Apple will continue to provide new security updates to users who have chosen to stay in iOS 14 rather than upgrade to iOS 15.

iOS 15 was released on September 21, but it is facing a lot of bugs. Therefore, Apple quickly released the iOS 15.0.1 patch, but unfortunately this version is not completely stable. Therefore, users who have upgraded to iOS 15 or iOS 15.0.1 will have to wait for a newer update, possibly iOS 15.1 which may be released later this month or early November.

According to Mixpanel’s statistics as of October 5, the rate of users updating to iOS 15 has only reached 22.08%. Meanwhile, the percentage of users who choose to stay in iOS 14 is still very high 72.59% and 5.33% of users are still using older iOS versions.


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