Apple sells a screen cleaning cloth for nearly 450,000 VND

Apple devices are often very expensive when their prices can reach several thousand dollars (equivalent to tens of millions of dong). Therefore, sometimes users wonder what to use to clean them safely.

To provide maximum support for users, Apple has introduced a cleaning cloth for $ 19 (equivalent to 433,000 VND).

This scarf will have the Apple logo, but it is not described in detail what material it is made of. Apple also did not specify how its towel is different from other cheaper screen cleaning wipes on the market.

Previously, Apple advised users to use a soft, lint-free cloth, and avoid using abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels or similar items when cleaning Apple devices. From that, it can be inferred that Apple’s wipes will have all the elements such as lint-free, soft…

According to Apple, you can use this towel to clean the screen of any Apple device, including those using nano glass. Apple also puts up a list of compatible devices for your convenience.

This $19 screen wipe reminds us of another special Apple screen wipe. When launching the Pro Display XDR screen with nano glass, Apple asked users to only wipe it with a special cloth included in the box.

Apple will give you that special towel for free when you buy a Pro Display XDR monitor with nano glass for $6,000.


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