Application to control computers with iPhone, Android phones

Application to control computers with iPhone, Android phones

Through the application to help control the computer with your phone, you do not have to directly manipulate on your computer, but you can still perform daily tasks such as sitting in front of a laptop, a pc, and passing through some The most used app below.

You probably know or heard of the term computer control or Remote Desktop, but that’s when you use one computer to control another computer, now you can use the phone. to control your computer remotely using mobile applications. Using a phone to control a computer is not much different from a computer-to-computer control. However, the level of security as well as the speed of connection from the phone will be the main factor evaluating the connection strength for controlling a computer by phone.

Top computer control application by phone


There are many support software, applications that support computer and phone connectivity today, using these computer and phone connection tools, you can control the computer with your phone easily.

1. ScreenConnect

ScreenConnect software is an extremely effective solution for computer technician support. Providing great features and extremely high security, this ScreenConnect is suitable for personal users, remote workers, and computer technicians.

2. LogMeIn

LogMeIn provides online remote control services with high speed and strong security. Supports exchanging connections from PC to Smartphone. Through this software you can easily perform all operations on other computers such as watching, playing, running programs. LogMeIn is an essential application for people who specialize in remote customer support. The software supports chat, address lock and many other outstanding features.

3. GoToMyPC

With the easy installation and use, GoToMyPC is suitable for individuals who need to edit and exchange simple information, GoToMyPC provides reports on the use and control of remote computers by phone.

4. TeamViewer

There may be many people surprised by the location of TeamViewer. As a popular remote control tool, TeamViewer does not have many powerful security features nor does it support blocking IPs and PCs. However, with simple needs, TeamViewer is still fully responsive when lag on TeamViewer is almost unavailable and high performance.

5. Splashtop

Splashtop installation is very simple but the tool provides high security. With Splashtop, thousands can transfer data, control computers with smartphones with Splashtop with high speed and multi-layer security capabilities.

6. RealVNC

RealVNC supports computer control on multiple platforms PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone or even on web browser. However, you must use the paid RealVNC version to be fully functional and supported.

7. NetShade

NetShade is a tool for you to browse the web safely. At the same time does not slow down the Mac speed. In addition to being able to connect to the network and use bandwidth freely, NetShade Allows use as a VPN to encrypt connection ports. However, this tool is only for installation on Mac and iOS.

8. Chrome Remote Desktop

chrome remote desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is an add-on on the Google Chrome browser, so it is not prevented by different platforms. Any platform that can install Google Chrome can use Chrome Remote Desktop. However, Chrome Remote Desktop has not added many security features as well as powerful computer control like other tools
Above are 8 computer control applications by phone that help you have many options in remote computer control. Although not mentioned in the article above, but Unified Remote It is also a quality Android computer control application with basic computer control features.


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