Assessing CoinCorner, is virtual currency trading safe?

Assessing CoinCorner, find out if CoinCorner is a fraudulent exchange or not? are the following article replies. Like other cryptocurrency exchanges, CoinCorner also allows users to buy and sell bitcoins quickly and easily.

CoinCorner is a company that allows users to make purchases instantly, just like Coinbase or Bitstamp. Although this is not a dedicated bitcoin trading platform, it is a minimal service that allows users to transfer bitcoins from elsewhere.

Review CoinCorner, is this a fraudulent exchange?

Table of Contents:
1. Trading account.
2. The company, fund security.
3. Trading instrument (electronic money).
4. Minimum deposit.
5. Leverage.
6. Transaction fees.
7. Trading platform.
8. Payment method.
9. Other virtual currency exchanges.

Assessing CoinCorner, is virtual currency trading safe?

1. Trading account

– Account type: Standard (Standard)
– Minimum deposit level: Not disclosed
– Profit: None
– Transaction fee: Up to 5%

2. The company, fund security

Bitcoin CoinCorner exchange is registered on the Isle of Man. While this has raised doubts about CoinCorner’s legal status, the company has been operating legally since 2014.

The service provided by Bitcoin exchange CoinCorner is quite simple. Users can deposit money (cash) on the site and use that money to trade Bitcoin. In addition, users can also perform reverse transactions.

CoinCorner mainly operates in Europe (originally the UK). Support EUR and GBP as the currency only.

Despite being targeted in 2016, CoinCorner was not attacked. The company then forced all users to change their password and there were no reported attacks.

User reviews about CoinCorner are quite positive. However, there are also some negative reviews, users mainly focus on reflecting the various fees, especially the EUR exchange rate and verification process is slow.

In the previous article, we have introduced you to Bitbargain – a large and reputable trading platform for bitcoin today, if you are interested, you follow the exchange. Bitbargain here

3. Trading instrument (electronic money)

Services provided by CoinCorner only support Bitcoin. Also coins can only be traded in EUR or GBP.

4. Minimum deposit

There is no information regarding minimum deposit on CoinCorner. In fact the company accepts cash. On the other hand, there are many maximum levels that users can pass through various account verification steps.

When reviewing the broker, you can see the minimum deposit that the company claims. For example, HYCM requires 10 USD to create a new account.

5. Leverage

Bitcoin virtual currency exchange CoinCorner does not provide margin trading. This should come as no surprise, as there are many trading platforms in the bitcoin world that do not offer translation

Brokers, on the other hand, offer bitcoin trading as well as other transactions that provide leverage. These rates are often much lower than traditional currency trading rates.

6. Transaction fees

CoinCorner charges 1% of the bitcoin transaction fee. Below is a screenshot of the transaction fees on CoinCorner:

coincorner transaction level

7. Trading platform

CoinCorner virtual currency exchange does not have many trading platforms. Basically users enter the amount they want to transfer and they will see the estimated amount of bitcoin they receive. Here is an example screenshot:

coincorner to trade bitcoin 3

CoinCorner is not a complex trading platform, like MetaTrader4 (MT4). This CoinCorner cryptocurrency exchange is aimed at beginner users who can transfer their bitcoins to a different transaction, wallet or payment.

8. Payment method

Payment methods on CoinCorner include bank transfer, credit card and Neteller. This is one of the few companies that supports cryptocurrency wallets.

CoinCorner is a company that provides a bitcoin trading platform for novices in the bitcoin world. The company facilitates EUR, GBP and bitcoin transactions.

In essence CoinCorner is more like a foreign exchange studio than a transaction point. Although the company counts 5% in most transactions, in return they provide users with a convenient trading platform.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages of CoinCorner:

Bitcoin-trading coincorner 4

Is the CoinCorner exchange scam?

9. Other virtual currency exchanges

– Poloniex trading floor
– FBS exchange
– Allcoin exchange has just provided some evaluation information about CoinCorner is it safe? Is the exchange scam? If you have any additional information or answers, readers can leave your comments in the comment section below the article.

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