Auto save JPG image in FastStone Capture

The trick in this article will detail how to convert the self-saving mode of PNG images to JPG in FastStone Capture so that users can be more convenient while processing and editing photos on the computer.

FastStone Capture has an interesting self-save feature in addition to taking a screenshot of your computer screen, but the saved image is usually PNG, a less common and heavier image format than JPG, so many users want to activate it automatically. Save JPG images in FastStone Capture to easily manage and edit photos on your computer.

The difficulty is that this feature is quite deeply integrated into the settings of FastStone Capture, so users take a lot of time to learn. However, you can quickly convert PNG to JPG in self-save mode JPG images in FastStone Capture when taking screenshots to edit photos in this article.

Auto save JPG image in FastStone Capture

Step 1: Access Settings on FastStone Capture from the desktop, or you can also access from the toolbar that appears below.

Self-save JPG image in FastStone Capture, switch the mode of self-saving JPG image to JPG in FastStone Capture

Click this icon and select Settings. Or you can also press the key combination F12 to quickly open FastStone Capture on the computer.

Step 2: Switch to the tab Auto Save.

convert png to jpg in faststone capture

How to save JPG images in FastStone Capture when editing photos

Step 3: Tick ​​the item Format and convert from PNG to JPEG.

Here you can also customize the image quality to automatically save images with a magnetic scale 30 – 100% in the section Quality.

Section Output folder allows you to customize photo storage location after automatically saving images on a computer. Besides, there are many other customizations, including displaying a notification of saving or saving images successfully.

how to convert adhesion from png to jpg in faststone capture

Instructions to save JPG images in FastStone Capture on your computer.

Before that, you need to enable auto save photos after taking screenshots on FastStone Capture before you can enable this feature. To enable automatic saving of images after screenshots on FastStone Capture, you need to select the item Active Auto Save Please.

Press OK, got it to complete

Just one of the quite small features of FastStone Capture but self-saving images is also quite convenient when users take screenshots of computers using FastStone Capture without spending time to review and edit. It also has this feature such as FastStone Capture, which also has PrtScr or Picpick software and Greenshot has the ability to take screenshots very easily.
Although each PrtScr or Picpick and Greenshot software has a different advantage, in general, PrtScr or Greenshot supports maximum screen capture and more features. If you do not like to use the software, you can refer to the instruction to take a screenshot without any software, this method only applies to users who like the simplicity and needs of computer screen capture at the basic level. copy.


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