AutoCAD command, summarizes some basic drawing commands when used in Auto Cad

AutoCAD command, summarizes some basic drawing commands when used in Auto Cad

AutoCAD commands such as rectangular drawing command, arc drawing command, angle record recording command, etc. will help you use AutoCAD quickly, effectively, and save time when working more. If you do not know the commands in AutoCAD, refer to the article below.

AutoCad is a professional 2D and 3D graphic design software, helping designers to design and shape surrounding objects. Memorizing sentences AutoCad command Help Designer do the job quickly and accurately. Below we will give you the sentences Basic commands in Autocad.

Autocad command, summarize some shortcut commands in Autocad

Download and install AutoCad: AutoCAD

Summary of basic commands in Autocad

A. The AutoCAD command group draws the basic shape.

1. L – Lin: Line drawing command
2. Pl – Polyline: Multi-line drawing command (consecutive lines)
3. Rec – Rectangles: The command draws a rectangle
4. C – Circle: Command to draw a circle
5. Pol – Polygon: Command to draw regular polygons
6. El – Ellipse: Command to draw ellipse
7. A – Arc: Command to draw an arc

B. The AutoCad command group draws a dimension line.

1. D – Dimension: Manage commands and style line dimensions
2. Dli – Dimlinear: The CAD command records the dimensions vertically or horizontally
3. Dal – Dimaligned: Record size skewers
4. Dan – Dimangular: Record the size of the angle
5. Dra – Dimradius: Record the size of the radius
6. Ddi – DimDiameter: AutoCAD command records diameter dimensions
7. Dco – Dimcontinue: Serial size recording
8. Dba- Dimbaseline: Record dimensions in parallel

C. AutoCAD command group management.

1. La – Layer: Manage layer adjustments
2. Se – Settings: AutoCAD command manages the current drawing settings
3. Op – Options: Manage default settings

D. Group Shortcuts in autocad copy, move, zoom in …

1. Co, Cp – Copy: Copy object
2. M – Move: AutoCAD command moves objects
3. Ro – Rorate: Rotate object
4. P – Pan: Move vision in model (can be used with mouse wheel to keep pressing)
5. Z – Zoom: Zoom in and out of the view

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You do not need to memorize the above Autocad statements by memorizing it, but remember a few main commands and use it frequently to form habits and quick reflexes. In addition, we also synthesize Dota Full code details, if interested, please visit for reference.


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