AVERAGE function in Excel, average calculation function, usage, syntax

The AVERAGE function is not an advanced function, but in order to understand and use the AVERAGE function, users need to practice many different cases and understand the nature of this function. With the following guide of Taimienphi.vn will be a reference article for those who want to learn about the AVERAGE function.

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To use Excel to calculate calculations, users must know the basic Excel Functions, which will assist you a lot in your work. Including AVERAGE function, AVERAGE function In Excel, the function returns the average value of a series of numbers. With the simple syntax of AVERAGE function We can make the arithmetic mean of a sequence a lot simpler and faster. At the same time, if you read the Excel functions regularly at work, you will show your professionalism, help you solve tasks that in some cases you can not or can not perform by other methods. .

Average function in Excel


1. Syntax of the AVERAGE function in EXCEL
2. Specific examples of the AVERAGE function in EXCEL
3. Error when using the AVERAGE function in EXCEL

1. Syntax of the AVERAGE function in EXCE

Syntax: AVERAGE (Number1, [Number2], [Number3], …)


– Number1: Obligatory

– Number2, Number3, …: option.

The AVERAGE function has up to 256 arguments, which can be numbers, names, ranges, or cell references that contain numbers. If a cell or range reference argument contains a logical value, text, or an empty cell, those values ​​will be ignored, except for a value of 0, or entered directly into the argument list.

2. Specific examples of the AVERAGE function in EXCEL

For example: Give transcripts of some students, calculating the average of the subjects of each student. Calculate the average of students’ subjects

Ham average in excel

You use the formula G6:= AVERAGE (D6, E6, F2)

If you want to calculate the average of the next series, you just need to point the mouse in the resulting cell and drag down the bottom cells with your mouse, it will automatically copy the formula and display the results of those cells. . Just calculate the result for one cell and you can get the average score for all students.


Ham average in excel

3. Error when using the AVERAGE function in EXCEL

If an error message is received when using the Excel AVERAGE function, the most likely cause is:

Error using common AVERAGE function:

# p / 0! – An error occurs if the averaged values ​​are not numbers.

#VALUE! – An error occurs if any of the arguments are supplied directly and the AVERAGE function cannot interpret those values ​​as numeric values.

Fix errors when using the AVERAGE function

If the AVERAGE function references a cell containing the #VALUE! Error, the formula will return the #VALUE! Error.

Ham average in excel

To fix the #VALUE! Error, the simple way is to build a formula that ignores the reference region containing the error to average the remaining “normal” values.

To follow this scenario, you use the AVERAGE function with the IF function and the ISERROR function to determine if there is an error in a specific reference region. This script requires an array formula:

= AVERAGE (IF (ISERROR (B2: D2), “”, B2: D2))

Note: Because this is an array formula, you will have to enter it by pressing the keys CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER. Excel will automatically wrap the formula in braces {}. If you try to enter these formulas automatically, Excel will display them as text.

Ham average in excel

Note: The above function can be used to fix #VALUE! Errors, # N / A errors, #NULL, # p / 0 !, and some other AVERAGE function errors.

In the framework of the article above, we showed you how to use functions AVERAGE to calculate the average of the sequence, the grades of students in the class. This function is used quite commonly and many applications in calculating on Excel spreadsheets. There are quite a few ham in excel new version has been synthesized with the article summarizing common calculation functions in Excel for your reference.


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