Bae is j on Facebook? Meaning of the word Bae

Bae is j on Messenger, Facebook? The word Bae is being used a lot by the online community and is popular on the social network Facebook. But do you know what the word Bae means. Let’s go with to learn this word to catch the trend.

For young people, creating slang words, acronyms is never limited. In particular, the word Bae is a new word that appeared on Facebook but has been widely spread. Therefore, What is Bae? interested by a lot of people.

How does Bae read?

1. Bae is j on Facebook?

According to the research of, Bae stands for the English phrase “Before Anyone Else”. Translated, Bae means before anyone else. Usually, this word is used by speakers, mentioned in a sentence to talk about someone important to them. Therefore, in addition to appearing in the conversation of close relatives, the word Bae is also used by couples who love each other.

Another variation of the word Bae that you see best friends, lovers give each other like dogs, pets, baby….

For example:
– Are you free? Come and drink coffee on the street with me.
– Baby Bae go out?

What is your name?

Bae stands for Before Anyone Else

In addition to the word Ukm, Vietnamese words created by young people are increasingly rich and diverse such as Bae, Wow, Replay…. If you are wondering what Bae is, refer to this article.

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2. What is the word Bae in life?

Not only used as a nickname to call close friends and lovers, this word Bae is also an abbreviation of many different words. Depending on the field and context, we can translate the meaning differently:
– In medicine, Bae stands for Bovine aortic endothelial, which translates as Aorta.
– In education, Bae stands for the phrase Bachelor of Art Education (meaning Bachelor of Arts in Education) or Bachelor of Arts in Education (meaning Bachelor of literature in education).
– In Aviation, Bae stands for British Aerospace, which means British Aviation.
So, you already know what the word Bae is in love, on Facebook and in life. Depending on the context and field, you can translate Bae in different meanings, not necessarily the word Bae is a nickname that lovers and close friends use to call each other.

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