Batch rename files on Windows

You can use batch file renaming software on Windows but do not need that, share how to perform batch file renaming, fast, simple, does not take much time in the following article. .

Rename the file This is not difficult for anyone who uses a computer, just right-click on the file name, select the “Rename” action in the right-click menu and rename it as you like. However, for a large number of files, this makes us spend a lot of time when we have to rename each file, not to mention the file failure. At present, not many people think about it Rename the file batch in 1 time because this feature seems impossible, moreover, this is not the default feature on Windows. Although it may sound impossible, it is still possible to rename a batch file on Windows in one go. This article will guide you the steps to Batch rename files on Windows.

Instructions to rename files in batches on your computer

Instructions for batch file renaming on Windows

1. Rename files in batch order

Step 1: First, select all the files you want to rename

Note: This method will create similar file names, but we can still distinguish files after renaming. Therefore, this is the most effective method to batch rename files in just a few steps.

file name loat file

Step 2: After selecting the files to be renamed, click Rename on Windows Explorer or press the key F2 If you are using a laptop keyboard.

One of the files will be selected to enter a new name.

file name loat file

Step 3: Type a new name in the currently selected file and press Enter. You will see all the selected files are automatically renamed according to the file name you just typed. The only difference that distinguishes files is the extension after the file name

file name loat file

Before renaming

file name loat file

After renaming

2. Rename the batch file with CMD

Rename the batch file with cmd, you use the command ren “filename” “new name”

In addition, you can also use the “*” to change the format of similar file types in just one command

file name loat file

Use Windows PowerShell

Step 1: In the folder containing the files to be renamed, you open Windows PowerShell

file name loat file

Step 2: Enter the command: dir | % {$ x = 0} {Rename-Item $ _ -NewName “TestName $ x.html”; $ x ++}

TestName: The name you want to change

Html: The file format you want to change, if you do not want to change the file format you enter the old format

file name loat file

file name loat file
The above are the methods of batch file renaming on Windows. As you can see, these methods are not too difficult or complicated, so anyone using a computer can do it themselves. You can also use these Batch rename software like Aoao Batch Rename, with Aoao Batch Rename will help you rename files more effectively with many different customizations.


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