Beautiful compass tattoos for Men and Women

Beautiful compass tattoos for Men and Women

You like beautiful compass tattoo and are looking for a nice tattoo to tattoo on your hands, wrists, ankles, arms … to show your personality, so refer to the tattoo patterns that Taimienphi .vn selected in the article below.

Like mini tattoos, tiger tattoos, dragon tattoos, beautiful compass tattoos are also as diverse as map compass tattoos, anchors …. With these tattoo Hey, you can also tattoo on the back of the neck, arms, wrists, ankles … and tattoos for both men and women.

Beautiful pattern, very good quality

I. Meaning of compass tattoo

Before the current GPS navigation device, people had invented compasses pointing in the East, West, South and North directions to help guide the way and determine directions more easily. The most common use when people go into the forest, go at sea.

Although the map and navigation apps have been replaced by compasses that are not commonly used today, this image still appears in movies, poems and songs, especially the tattoo with a compass. Everyone is loved by the meaning as well as the beautiful tattoo.

Because according to the concept of sailors walking on the sea, the tattoo of a compass on the body can bring peace, can go to the right place, in the right direction. Therefore, many people choose to tattoo this tatoo pattern with the meaning:

– Compass tattoo pattern as a symbol for us to determine the direction, determine the right path, avoid the stumbles in life and work.

– The compass pattern also shows safety and certainty because there is a star in the compass and that star represents the North – the place where every trip begins, thereby showing stability and safety.

– Compass tattoo pattern also represents dreams, ambitions, tattooists are constantly trying to achieve their dreams.

II. The most beautiful compass tattoo templates

Here are the beautiful compass tattoo designs, which are much loved and selected, suitable for both men and women.

1. Vegvisir compass tattoo

According to the legend, anyone who has the tattoo of the Vegvisir compass (the ancient magic compass) will always go in the right direction, no matter how bad the weather is and never get lost, never alienate personality.

The tattoo is after gay

The tattoo is you ban

This beautiful tattoo can be tattooed on the shoulder blades, ribs, arms … all

2. Arrow compass pattern tattoo

Because the compass has 4 directions, but when adding an arrow to guide you in a certain direction, the meaning of the arrow compass tattoo is to show focus and determination to pursue your goals. can achieve success.

Although simple, this tattoo pattern has great significance, pattern design is suitable for both men and women and can be tattooed on the wrist, biceps … are okay.

Tattoo is 4

Tattoo is beautiful picture 5

Beautiful compass tattoos for women, suitable for biceps, ankles, back, wrists

Tattoo is 6

tattoo is beautiful 7

Beautiful compass tattoo for men

3. 3D compass tattoo pattern at hand

With Vegivsir tattoo template, you can choose 2D or 3D tattoos are suitable, but with 3D tattoo pattern, the tattoo becomes more impressive and outstanding.

Tattoo is 8

Tattoo is 9

Beautiful behind the scenes compass tattoo

4. Anchor tattoo pattern

The compass helps you determine the direction, while the anchor helps the boat to stop. Therefore, the meaning of the anchor tattoo tattoo is to seek stability. Staying in the right position at the right time is a good thing that everyone is looking forward to, helping you avoid “storms” in life and work.

The tattoo is beautiful 10

Tattoo impressive anchor compass

5. Rose compass tattoo

Roses symbolize youth, love. When tattooing roses and compasses together will have tremendous meaning, towards good feelings. This compass rose pattern also expresses the artistic, eye-catching and impressive nature.

Tattoos and roses

Beautiful rose tattoo and compass

6. Mini compass tattoo template

Mini compass tattoo template or any sample mini tattoo Every tattoo is loved by many people, chosen by the beautiful tattoo, easy to tattoo in every position, especially this tattoo is not too much for people to look at reviews. Compass motifs combined with anchors, arrows … have mini sizes that are very fancy and unique.

Tattoo is 12

tattoo is beautiful 13

Mini tattoo pattern with compass shape
Above are beautiful compass tattoo templates for men and women along with the meaning of each tattoo, hope you can easily choose the appropriate compass tattoo.


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