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“Beautiful Instagram filter” is a keyword that is being searched by a lot of people today, especially young people with the aim of having beautiful photos, living virtual anytime, anywhere without going anywhere. So let’s take a look at the cool and beautiful Instagram Filters below, which will definitely not disappoint you.

As a photo and video sharing social network that is attracting a large number of users, Instagram is designed to create beautiful and impressive images. In order to meet a large number of people, this social network always updates and releases new Nice filter template. In which, many beautiful Instagram filters have become hot trends.

Beautiful filters on Instagram cover the face, the mask sparkles

I. The most beautiful, favorite Instagram filters today

1. Filter Glitter Mask – Filter Instagram glitter mask

Filter Glitter Mask is the most popular filter on Instagram. With a gentle and simple design, this Filter still helps you get a beautiful, cute face that attracts everyone’s attention.

Filter Instagram

Filter Glitter Mask

If you want to find more mask filters on Instagram, then please refer to this article. It will help you delight in choosing beautiful Filter templates.

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2. Web bare bears – Filter 3 bears

Referring to the beautiful Filter for Instagram that is being sought by many people, Filter bare bears cannot be ignored (Filter 3 bears. Designed with 3 pandas with cute and lovely shapes, this filter helps your photos more impressive.

Filter Instagram

Filter 3 bears

3. Filter Doraemon

Filter Doraemon is a hot Instagram filter today, very popular with young people and applied. In addition to the lovely Doraemon Nobita effect on the face, this Filter also helps your skin color become much more beautiful and smooth.

4. Filter Instagram cool glasses

The cool eyeglass filter thug life glasses is designed based on the trendy hip-hop eyewear model on the market. Initially, this Filter was just a sticker that was inserted into the image, but later evolved into a Filter that helps people take selfies to get beautiful photos. Because it brings a look that is both quality and funny, even Streamers are using this Filter a lot.

Filter Instagram mask

Filter Instagram cool glasses thug life glasses

5. Filter bee

The bee filter is also very hot, you can easily see when surfing Instagram, 10 posts, there are about 7-8 posts using this Filter. Using this effect, you will have smooth, bright white facial skin, moreover the bee appears on the frame to make your picture more impressive and cute.

Filter Instagram can mat

Filter bee

6. Filter horse horn (unicorn)

The horse horn filter is a very popular effect today, no stranger to those of you who are using Instagram and TikTok. In addition to the one-horned horse that looks extremely cute, Filter has the function to help your cheeks and lips more rosy. Even without any makeup, you still have a very beautiful photo with this Filler.

7. Filter stars and moons (stars and moons)

The hotness of the star and moon filter on Instagram is also undisputed. With star and moon stickers around the face along with a more beautiful skin retouching mode, this Filter makes your face more beautiful, flawless.

Filter Instagram mat na

Filter stars and moons (stars and moons)

8. Filter bling bling

Filter bling bling is also a beautiful Instagram filter, hot in recent times. When shooting with this Filter with sparkling effect, everything will become much more shimmering and magical. Another advantage of Filer bling bling is that you can shoot during the day or at night, especially when shooting at sunset or dimly lit scenes will produce the best photos.

Filter Instagram is amazing

Filer bling bling

9. Filter Glitter 1

If you love sparkles, bright and vibrant colors then Filter Glitter 1 is made for you. Compared to other glitter filters, this Filter Glitter 1 helps you create photos with more colors and more light density.

10. Filter tattoo

Tattoo filters are also a hot trend on Instagram. If you are planning to get a tattoo but don’t know which one is suitable for you, then using this Instagram Filter will help you choose the right tattoo. Moreover, if you want to show a dusty style, get an impressive photo, don’t ignore this Filter.

11. Wide mouth filter

The wide-mouth filter has been storming on TikTok and Instagram lately. With this weird but funny Filter, you can use it to troll your friends or create satirical videos that attract everyone’s attention.

II. How to find and use Filter Instagram

To use Filter on Instagram to create beautiful photos, follow the instructions below.

Download Instagram to your phone
– Load Instagram for Android.
– Load Instagram for iOS.

Steps to find and use Filter on Instagram

Step 1: On your phone, open Instagram and click “Your News” (Figure 1). Next, you click Camera icon (Figure 2).

filter instagram doc

Step 2: At the bottom of the interface, a series of filters appear, you swipe from right to left (Figure 3) When it comes to the form magnifying glass statue then you click on it (Figure 4).

filter for instagram

Step 3: LIVE upper right corneryou click on the icon Search (Figure 5). Next, you type filter you want, for example type Filter Glitter Mask. At this point, you will see a series of display effects, you slide screen then choose filter that you love (Figure 6).

beautiful filter for instagram

Step 4: LIVE bottom left corneryou click “Trial” and then proceed to shoot like a camera.

beautiful instagram filter

Besides, if you are looking to learn about how to download Instagram videos to your computer or phone, the following article will guide you in the most detailed way.

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What are you waiting for, do not apply the beautiful Instagram Filters above to create the most beautiful and impressive photos for yourself.

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