Beautiful shoulder tattoos for men and women

Beautiful shoulder tattoos for men and women

Collection of below shoulder tattoo patterns with diverse, beautiful and meaningful designs from flowers, snakes, dragons, birds … not only for guys but also for you to choose and find. satisfactory tattoo. This shoulder tattoo will help you become more attractive and impressive.

Like foot and chest tattoos, Shoulder tattoo has its own beauty and has many different tattoos so that you can choose the right tattoo for your memories and impressions as well as satisfy your passion for tattoo art. Here are some 3D shoulder tattoos, shoulder tattoos, small tattoos … beautiful

Shoulder and tattoo tattoos are beautiful

I. Shoulder tattoos for women

For girls, the shoulder is the part that can attract the most attention of people, the position that is easy to show when wearing the shirt, skirt open shoulder. Moreover, shoulder tattoos are less painful than in other locations. Therefore, many girls have chosen the tattoo on the front shoulder for women, the back shoulder to “show off” their favorite tattoo pattern in a subtle, skillful and gentle way.

Usually the beautiful tattoos on the shoulder blades for women are gentle, soft and pretty flowers that evoke sophistication and romance.

Synthetic beautiful small shoulder tattoo for women

shoulder tattoo 2

The tattoo of butterflies with vibrant colors on the shoulders is also very beautiful

shoulder tattoo 3

On the soft and white shoulders, the tattoo of purple petals will make her more attractive

shoulder tattoo 4

Or tattoo rose to show romantic love

shoulder tattoo 5

The tattoo with the word of love is also chosen by many people

shoulder tattoo 6

Tattoos of flower branches can be shown gently and delicately

shoulder tattoo 7

Flower tattoos and the words “Forget me not” combine

shoulder tattoo 8

Beautiful purple purple flower tattoo

shoulder tattoo 9

Deep pink flower tattoos with stylized text on the front shoulder blades

II. Beautiful male tattoo

For men, they have a strong shoulder, a support for their loved ones to help them find a sense of peace, protection, and listening to themselves. If men tattooed on the shoulders will become more attractive, more elegant, especially when choosing a beautiful shoulder tattoo below. Mostly, men often choose dragon tattoo, phoenix, tiger … to show their strength and personality.

The most beautiful male tattoo

shoulder tattoo 10

The symbolic tattoo between the angel is on one side and the devil on the other

shoulder tattoo 11

Beautiful word tattoo

shoulder tattoo 12

This dragon tattoo is also very suitable for men

shoulder tattoo 13

Tattoos of bird wings on shoulder blades and arms

shoulder tattoo 14

Another dragon tattoo for men

shoulder tattoo 15

Shoulder tattoos for beautiful men

shoulder tattoo 16

Phoenix fire tattoo is beautiful

Each of the shoulder tattoos above has its own meaning, which can express your desire most clearly. However, besides choosing nice tattoo then you should also refer to the prestigious tattoo address to ensure the tattoo after getting the best tattoo.
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