Beautiful tattoo on hands, neck, shoulders for men and women

Choosing a beautiful tattoo does not only show the style, magnify the beauty attracted by the slender and small details but also convey your love, memories … Therefore, beautiful tattoos for women and men make many people fascinated and love.

Not the “inanimate” image, but each tattoo has its own meaning, especially when attached to each person. And so does the tattoo. That’s why many people choose word tattoo To mark memories, express your personality clearly and impressively. If you are looking for a beautiful tattoo for yourself through the words, see the article below. With these tattoos, you can tattoo on the back, arms, wrists, legs … all.

Beautiful tattoo for women on the back, shoulder blades, wrists

I. Types of tattoo with beautiful letters

– Tattoo his name

– Meaning Chinese characters

– Tattoo of Hân

– Tattoo calligraphy tattoo

II. Summary of the most beautiful and impressive tattoo letters

1. The most beautiful tattoo in the world

Tattoo 21

Tattoos for men and women full of meaning

Tattoo tattoo 22

Han tattoo is also many people choose

Tattoo tattoo 23

Mesmerized by the beautiful tattoo images, there are many meanings

2. Small, meaningful small tattoo

Each tattoo has a different meaning but with a small tattoo in words to help the viewer can guess the fuller meaning.

tattoos 2

Tattoo with stylized parents on chest

Tattoo tattoo 3

This is also a parent tattoo but on the arm

nice tattoo 4

The small tattoo with the word “life” translates to life, starting with a bird and ending with a simple but eye-catching red heart.

tattoos 5

The word Live your dream is also very meaningful

Tattoo tattoo 6

The word “Be Strong” is suitable for the wrist

3. Beautiful tattoo for women

Word tattoo has become familiar not only among men but also among women who love this tattoo. The following is a beautiful tattoo in words that is much loved.

Tattoo sketch 7

Wrist tattoo with the word “Believe” soft and gentle

tattoos 8

The tattoo of 3 flowers of different colors and the words “always be there” stylized on the shoulder blades is very charming and beautiful

tattoos 9

The “Be Happy” quality and impressive tattoo is suitable for tattooing on the upper arm or ankle

Tattoo tattoo 10

Word tattoo can also be tattooed on fingers

Tattoo tattoo 11

Beautiful tattoo for women on the back combined with trees and birds flying away

4. Beautiful tattoo for men

Unlike women, men often prefer large and large tattoos to show their strength and muscularity, in which the tattoo below is also selected by many men.

Tattoo tattoo 12

The word “adventure” is suitable for tattooing on the arm

tattoo image 13

This tattoo is simple but very eye-catching, attracting everyone’s attention

tattoos 14

Meaning tattoo for men unique and impressive

Tattoo tattoo 15

Tattoo calligraphy beautiful “Parents” assembled into a heart shape is the favorite tattoo on men on the left chest

tattoo image 16

Tattoo written roman letters, strange

Above are the beautiful tattoo letters including Vietnamese, English … which are being chosen by many people. Certainly with these tattoos, you can choose the most satisfactory tattoo pattern to tattoo shoulders, wrists …
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