Benchmark National Economics University 2022, NEU University Admission Test Score

Updating the National Economics University Benchmark in 2022 helps students be more proactive in choosing a university and adjusting their aspirations to best match their high school exam scores.

What is the result of 12 years of book lights? Whether the opportunity to enter the dream university is open is probably a common concern of many students this year. Always accompanying students on their learning path and each landmark exam, will update you as soon as possible with the benchmark scores of universities across the country. Below we will update the expected and official benchmarks of the National Economics University – one of the hottest schools today.

Benchmark National Economics University 2022

1. National Economics University benchmark score 2022

– Admission criteria according to the high school exam scores in 2022


The floor score of the National Economics University is 20 points, including priority points for many admission methods. You consider to be able to apply to the right school.

– Admission criteria according to the combined method

National University of Education and Training in 2022

National School of Education and Training 2022

New Year's Eve National University of Vietnam 202

In there:
– DT-4: Candidates have English certificates and scores in 2 subjects of the high school graduation exam.
– DT-5: Students of the specialized system of specialized schools, national key with test scores in 2 subjects of the high school exam.
– DT-6: Candidates have participated in the weekly round of Road to Olympia or won prizes for excellent students at provincial and city levels, national consolation prizes in combination with high school exam scores.

2. National Economics University benchmark score 2021

– Matriculation score of regular university system in 2021:

National School of National Education for Men 2021

– Matriculation score according to the combined selection method:

National school year 2021

First day of schooling in Vietnam

Admission floor score Admission to National Economics University in 2021 has just been announced. Accordingly, candidates get from 20 points According to the selection group, you can apply for admission to the school.
(This score is the total score according to the selection combination, subject priority, and region)

– For majors with a combination of English subjects, the coefficient of 2 is calculated, the other subjects are calculated by the coefficient of 1, and converted to a scale of 30 according to the formula:

The quintessence of the professions with the branches have a great deal of knowledge in English compared to 2

3. Benchmark of National Economics University in 2020

* The official university entrance score 2020 is based on the method of applying for the 2020 high school exam results:

New Year's Eve 2020
New Year's Eve 2020

* Look up results and admission:

Learn more about studying abroad

* The official university admission score in 2020 according to the combined admission method of the 2nd batch of high school graduates:

study abroad
National Economics University 2020

>> You can look up the results of the admission HERE.

* Admission:

Successful candidates submit original Certificate of high school graduation exam results 2nd batch of 2020 to confirm admission by submitting in person or by courier first 5:00 p.m. September 22, 2020 to the address: Training management office– Room 210, 1st floor, A1 building, National Economics University, 207 Giai Phong street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.

Any questions candidates contact phone number 0888 128 558 or or directly at Room 210, 1st floor, A1 building, National Economics University, 207 Giai Phong street, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi.

– The floor score of National Economics University in 2020 is 20 points. This score includes test scores according to the selection combination, priority points for subjects, regions, and priority for admissions for majors with a coefficient of 1 combination of subjects.

– For majors with a coefficient of 2 in English, the other subjects are calculated with a coefficient of 1, converted to a scale of 30 and calculated according to the formula (subject 1 + subject 2 + English x2) x 3/ 4 + priority points.

4. National Economics University Benchmark 2019

While waiting for the results of the 2020 High School Graduation exam and the National Economics University’s benchmarks 2020, students can refer to the school’s benchmarks in previous school years to predict their ability to matriculate.

This year, the school enrolled 5,650 students, an increase of 2.7% compared to 2018. The school recommends that candidates adjust or add their aspirations to the above fields to increase their chances of being admitted to the school during the period from July 22 to 31, 2019.

Look up high school exam scores in 2019: Look up high school exam scores by newspaper number

3. National Economics University Benchmark 2018

National School of Education 2018

Looking up the benchmarks is not too difficult, candidates look up the National Economics University’s benchmarks, it is necessary to note the correct comparison according to the industry code, the name of the industry, the combination of subjects they have studied. Apply for admissions to check the most accurate input benchmark results. For the school’s English major, the entry point for 2017 is 34.42 points, This is the highest score in all industries. Scores will vary from year to year, so it is likely that the score will be higher in 2018 than in previous years.

study abroad

With more national high school graduation exam scores 29 points The candidates are completely confident about their ability to pass the exam. Because in 2017 the benchmark score of National Economics University is 28, 76 points This is also the highest entry score of the industry. For other industries with scores from 25- 28 points such as application-oriented programs, finance and banking, marketing, international economics and accounting. If the candidates have a lower score between 21-24 points You can also apply for majors such as law, management information systems, computer science, resource design, agricultural economics, etc. Besides, candidates with lower scores can apply for management majors. public and policy studies in English with a score of 20.55 points This is the school’s lowest score.

Along with that, National Economics University also has sub-criteria for each major. If candidates have the same score as the given standard, they still need to consider the sub-criteria. Criteria are given by the school in the form of exam scores or academic records depending on each major.

In addition, candidates can also refer to more benchmarks of other universities such as University of Commerce, Banking Academy, Hanoi Medical University and many others. Candidates can look up the University of Commerce benchmarks quickly when needed.

National Economics University’s benchmarks in 2018 we will update here when official benchmarks are available from the school. In addition, you should also refer to the tuition fee of National Economics University in 2017 so that you can consider the economic conditions of your family to complete your studies well, the tuition rate of the University of Economics. We have been detailed in the previous articles by us.

Besides, candidates can refer to the standard score National Economics University benchmark 2017 down here:

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study abroad for 3

study abroad for 3
Congratulations on your admission to National Economics University

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