Bending into straight

The video “Bending Thanh Straight” was released by Thien An in the music market, climbing to the top 1 position in the trending YouTube channel. Despite being released for 3 days, this video has attracted more than 5 million views.

Only after 3 days of being on Youtbe, the music was made Bend Into Straight had 5 million views. Although the MV has up to 12 minutes, every minute brings viewers from entertainment to entertainment. Let’s see to see why this video is so appealing to viewers.

Straight Bend Bending Video

Bend The Straight Parody
Song Tao Do Truong Tao 2 together with funny music Parody and is also attracting viewers, with views not inferior to over 3 million. This Video of Sao Sao Truong Tao 2 is the music of the song “Passing Away”, continue for the video of Sao Sao Truong Tao 1.


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