Best Cloud Storage Service 2020

Cloud computing is a revolution in the information technology world, which has changed information technology resources in business. Put simply, cloud computing involves providing cloud computing services including online storage, computing, networking, databases, and many other things that use the Internet.

Cloud storage Today has become an indispensable part of small and large businesses. Businesses often don’t want to spend too much on expensive hardware, so they turn to the free cloud storage services available. But there are also businesses with little knowledge of cloud storage and blind trust in traditional storage devices. So, what is cloud storage and where is the best cloud storage service today?

Best Cloud Storage Services 2019

Table of Contents:
I. What is cloud storage ?.
II. The best cloud storage service.
1. Google Drive.

2. MediaFire.
4. Mega.
5. Dropbox.
6. pCloud.

I. What is cloud storage?

Traditional data storage methods also have certain advantages; However, all data will be lost when the storage device is corrupted. Therefore, virtual storage services will be an effective alternative to traditional storage devices, where users can store data and then back up to a hard drive or USB.

Below is a list of the best cloud storage services for businesses.

II. Top 6 best cloud storage services 2019

1. Google Drive

Google Drive has a lot of outstanding features compared to other storage services. It allows users to store documents individually and have up to 15GB of memory.

Best stored services in 2019

Offline service of Google Drive allows users to view all documents and images that have been saved online when the network connection is unstable. Scanning documents is now easier, just take a photo and the rest will be done by Google Drive. Google’s free cloud storage service is currently considered to be the best storage tool, integrated with many other services.

– Download Google Drive here.

2. MediaFire

Media Fire is easy to use and is one of the best cloud storage services for documents and photos. Media Fire’s initial free capacity is 10GB but can be increased to 50GB. This cloud storage service has many features to make document processing easier.

Best Storage Services 2019 2

With Media Fire, you can upload multiple files from any browser at the same time, which makes it completely different from the rest of the services. Organizing and organizing files is also easier with Media Fire. If you are looking for a perfect personal storage service, Media Fire will help you. This tool helps send documents with just one click and the recipient can also share the document with others.

– Download MediaFire here.


It is also one of the best cloud storage services available. provides free storage of about 5GB. The most outstanding feature of is the storage of deleted files, so users will not regret having mistakenly deleted important documents.

Best Storage Services 2019 3 also features getting free space. If users want more space to store documents and photos, just recommend Sync to friends and those who register accounts on Sync will get free GB corresponding to the referrer. The Sync Vault feature helps users store documents in a special space – Vault, completely different from the Sync folder. All you need to do is select a file to store, select “Copy to Vault“and you already have a backup for that document.

– Download here.

4. Mega

Mega has a large storage space, similar to Dropbox. The difference lies in the storage that these two services provide. Mega offers free storage space of up to 50GB, allowing users to download multiple zip files and upload documents via mobile applications.

Best stored services 2019 best 4 4

With 50GB capacity, Mega becomes the most commonly used cloud storage service. Those who are looking for backup function can also use Mega because it not only provides large storage space but also lots of other security features.

– Download Mega here.

5. Dropbox

This is one of the newest and most efficient cloud storage services thanks to the backup feature. All types of documents like powerpoint, photos, videos, and even CAD files can be safely stored on Dropbox. Dropbox’s synchronization feature makes it easy for users to access documents from any device.

Best stored services 2019 best 5

One of the most useful features of Dropbox is the protection of documents in case the device is lost by deleting the document using a remote communication device. Dropbox has free storage of about 2GB; But in case of necessity, there are various ways to increase the capacity to the desired level.

– Download Dropbox here.

6. pCloud

pCloud is one of the best cloud storage services with a capacity of up to 2TB and unlimited remote uploading. pCloud has 10GB free storage space for basic accounts. Function my.pCloud allows users to resize images without using software.

Best stored services in Japan 2019 6

Documents can be stored incredible with pCloud thanks to the ability to automatically lock cryptocurrency folders when a user logs out of the device.

– Download pCloud here.
In order to choose the best cloud storage service, first of all, need to know the benefits that they bring. Many providers offer not only free hosting but also many other functions. The services mentioned above promise to bring users perfect experience.


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