Best karaoke software on computers for free 2020

Here are the top 5 best free karaoke software on your computer, you can refer to the selection of free home karaoke software suitable to unleash singing.

Just a mic plus a laptop or pc you immediately own a mini karaoke room at home. Summary of the best free karaoke software on the computer that we send to you will help you to choose a karaoke software that you feel is most suitable and suitable for installation on the computer.

Karaoke software on computers, laptops

Top 5 best free karaoke software on the computer

1. Karafun Player

KaraFun Player is a free karaoke software on the computer, allowing users to satisfy their singing passion. With a huge song store and many different genres, the software Karafun Player helps you store and sync songs in the form of offline. Therefore, this is also an option for you to sing offline with thousands of different songs.

With KaraFun Player You will own a huge library of songs, so the selection of songs on your computer with many genres such as lyrical, revolutionary music, young music, foreign music, … becomes simple. simpler and easier than ever

karaoke distribution free software

KaraFun Player helps you record your voice, record a karaoke song and help you listen to the song you just performed through the song playback support feature. KaraFun Player supports Pitch, KFN, midi KAR, CDG + MP3 … files, KaraFun Player supports background music files in AVI, MP3, WMV, MID, MP3, OGG, KAR formats …

2. KaraokeKanta

Monday must end KaraokeKanta, different from Karafun Player in addition to the karaoke feature, users can manually design karaoke tracks from videos or music clips available. The program also provides features to help users extract music, add text data to perform sub design operations for videos simply and easily on the Windows operating system.

Top 3 karaoke memes on the computer

KaraokeKanta Capable of playing karaoke files in most popular computer formats like Midi Karaoke Player, MP3, WMA, CD + G, KOK, AVI, DIVX, MP4, FLV, MPEG, MOV, WMV … Part This software also supports recording your song in WAV format. Users can also integrate their own voice and effects into Karaoke songs.
KaraokeKanta also helps users manage existing playlists by organizing your songs into folders, topic groups and quick search with the tools built into the program.

3. Winlive Free

Tuesday is Winlive Free. This is one of the quite special tools for those who love karaoke because Winlive Free software supports full display of information about the song and the lyrics. With a quick installation process this software is guaranteed to bring users satisfaction. Karaoke software Winlive Free is compatible with most music formats so that you can choose your favorite music melody. Just a few simple operations with the keyboard you can complete the program.

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4. Walaoke sings karaoke

Next is Walaoke – Karaoke software on computers and laptops similar to the applications we have just introduced above. However, Walaoke can help users easily create their own karaoke versions with extremely simple implementation.

karaoke distribution free software

Using this software, the songs will be sorted by song title or according to different topics and genres. Walaoke supports a wide range of file formats such as AVI, MKV, DAT, VOB, MPG, FLV, WMV, or MP3 + CDG, MP3 + LRC and MP3 + XML.

Walaoke It has a convenient design interface with a music player on one side and a music playing screen and a list of songs that the user has chosen. The software also allows users to search Vietnamese songs without typing.

5. Vietnam Karaoke

Vietnam Karaoke is the last PC Karaoke application we introduced in this article. Using this software, users will experience the feature of automatically updating the source of karaoke songs on the network every time your computer, laptop is connected to the Internet.

Free karaoke hat app

Vietnam Karaoke Now allows users to choose from the songs that are currently the most popular. In addition to users choosing songs that will be faster, the visual effects when singing karaoke are also very focused by this software. Accordingly, the live wallpaper with ever-changing scenery creates a vivid atmosphere for users every time they sing karaoke on the computer.

In addition, VietNam Karaoke also create Echo mechanism to add echo as well as sound effects whenever users sing, creating appeal when singing karaoke on computers and laptops.
Hopefully, with the top 5 best free karaoke software on computer that sent to readers today, you can choose the most favorite software to satisfy your singing passion.


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