Best time to post sales on Facebook

Best time to post sales on Facebook

Are you looking for a best time to post to Facebook to increase reach, interaction and sales? As an online seller, you must constantly adjust your communication strategy to better access your target market. However, while social media rules are constantly changing and new opportunities are constantly appearing, keeping up with the reality is not an easy job.

A growing number of companies, big and small, are taking advantage of social media to reach potential customers, increase traffic and generate sales. Sales Facebook To improve brand recognition, increase the number of subscribers, and ultimately maximize online sales follow the article below.

Best time to post sales on Facebook

Instead of being on all social media channels at the same time, you should focus on a certain channel to get the most out of it, then gradually move to other channels. Although every business has different realities and visions, most think that Facebook is the best social media channel to reach customers and generate income.

Regardless of your industry, who your customers are, you have the opportunity to reach the highest number of potential customers on Facebook thanks to the size and scope of this platform.

When it comes to doing business on Facebook, one of the most common questions is “What is the best time to post sales on Facebook?”

If you haven’t used Facebook for a long time, then post your tests and review their effectiveness. Even if you think Facebook is not suitable for your business and audience, you will be surprised at what it can offer. Within 30 days, focus on using Facebook to promote your business. This is considered the largest social network in the world, so even a small improvement in Facebook activity will have a great impact on your business.

The number of Facebook users is currently very large, so it is highly likely that you can reach the market very quickly and conveniently, regardless of your business items or who your audience is.

Best time to post sales on Facebook

The best score to publish on Facebook

The financial industry often talks a lot about the time of investing, and with social networks, you need to pay attention to the time of posting. Fortunately, there are many companies that have studied the time in detail and access to Facebook analytics tools. Companies with global reach often need to operate 24/7, but still have the following points:

– The highest average clickthrough rate (the number of people who will click on your Facebook link or ad) usually takes place around 1 – 4 pm, the highest at 3 pm on Wednesday.

– The worst time for posting is on weekends, before 8 am and after 8 pm.

– Adding images will help increase the level of interaction, the number of likes more than 50% and the number of comments usually doubled.

Based on these general trends, and depending on the goals of each post, you will determine when to publish the article.

– Do you want more people to share your post? If yes, please post at 1 pm. This is lunch break, and if there’s something interesting, your customers tend to share it with their colleagues. The more people see and share, the more people can reach your article.

– Although the 4th has the highest click, do not forget the 5th and 6th because it usually takes 12-24 hours to make a purchase decision.

– Please note that your goal is not only sales, but also to increase user interaction, traffic, number of followers, … How to know the impact of these factors? You can try posting completely in the afternoon. People often feel tired after lunch and use Facebook to regain their spirits. You can take advantage of this moment to post, post content that is not necessarily related to sales, simply to attract more views and share.

Similarly, why not accumulate content from the weekend and explode on Mondays. On weekends, people often participate in outdoor activities, busy with family, … they spend less time on social networks and will not be able to access your posts.
Saying that does not mean you have to wait at the right time, you can schedule the article or hire a Fanpage manager of the business. Managing Facebook page well is a way to promote the brand for the company. In addition to the trends mentioned above, you can also use the Facebook Insights tool to more closely analyze the online habits of your potential customers. Doing this, surely your Facebook sales channel will be successful. In addition, you should also learn and add experience for yourself ways to increase engagement when selling on Facebook here.


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