Best wishes for grade 6 and grade 10

The best wishes for grade 6 and grade 10 will be sent to in the article below. These greetings are like your timely encouragement for scholars so that students will have more motivation and comfort before the exam, thereby confidently conquering the exam.

The season comes, the students before and during the exam feel stressed and worried. To dispel those feelings as well as contribute to the strength of the students who conquer the exam in grade 6 and grade 10, it is indispensable. good luck in exam grade 6 and grade 10. Please refer to the good exam wishes or to send to your scholars before the exam takes place.

Long Mess wishes good exam for lover, friends, or relatives

I. Wishes good exam grade 6, grade 10 popular

1. The important exam is about to come, wish you / your child will achieve high results, pass the dream school.

2. Be calm, confident to conquer every test, everyone believes you can do it. Good luck with your exam.

3. The 6th / 10th grade exam is about to arrive, take care of your health, get enough sleep, eat well and prepare well to prepare for the exam.

good luck on grade 6 lop 10 2

4. Try to do well, the dream of high school is waiting for you.

5. Wish you: Strong enough, enough knowledge, enough determination to be able to win the upcoming exam.

6. Wish you / your grandchildren / children good exam. Not only me, but everyone will stand side by side with me during this exam.

II. Good luck exam

1. Join me well and confidently walk into the dreamy high school door, don’t let me sit around all day praying for the two to pass.

2. Take the test to remember: Stay calm – Read carefully – Do smart exercises

3. Take a good test! The test score cannot be lower than me! Let’s try together.

good luck on grade 6 lop 10 3

4. The exam season comes, I wish my friends and I: The notice of home, the whole family celebrate.

5. Good exam on my friend? Just passing this exam … is the door to another exam opening.

6. The condition for me and you to set foot in the university gate is to pass the National High School Exam. But to get to that point, you and I have to pass this 10th grade exam. Good exam, my best friend!

III. Best wishes for the whole class

1. We have conquered the exam well together, so we can enter our dream high school.

2. The exam is coming soon, we will try our best to learn, have the new success, so that we can have a good laugh tomorrow.

3. An important moment of life has also come, the whole class focused on studying for the exam to do well.

good luck on grade 6 lop 10 4

4. Take exam review and confidently do well, I’m always with everyone.

5. The sound of the high school gate calling? Let’s do well to be able to set foot and cuddle it.

6. Tomorrow exam, I wish everyone well done to come up with a new horizon of knowledge. Just enough points in the school, not too high.

7. Play also play that missed many opportunities. This time, you must pass. See you at the school gate 2/3 dream.

8. Let’s try and step into the open level 3 door.

IV. Good exam wishes for girls

1. I don’t know what to say now, just hope and wish you a good exam.

2. Your mother, your father and your brother, in a nutshell the whole family, relatives expect you to take the exam well, get into a dream high school. Good exam, my sister.

3. Remember your sister eats enough food and sleep, but do not forget to study for the test well.

4. Passing the 10th grade exam is the shortest way for me to conquer the university entrance exam. Good luck with your exam.

5. Tomorrow is the test day, the day to decide your exam preparation process, wish you good health, the spirit of comfort to do well.

6. Do well on your exams and a bright and prosperous future will await you.

V. Good wishes in English

1. All your hard work is about to pay off. Stay focused, and do your best on the test. Believe in yourself. Focus on your goals. Achieve your dreams. Good luck in your exams!

=> Provisional translation: All your hard work is about to pay off. Stay focused, and do the best test. Believe in yourself. Focus on your goals. Achieve your dreams. Good luck on your exam!

good luck on grade 6 lop 10 5

2. Study hard, work hard, aim high. Your dreams are worth it. Good luck!

=> Temporarily translated: Study hard, work hard, aim high. Your dream will come true. Good luck.

3. Do not quit. Commit. You’ve got it. Good luck in your exams!

=> Temporarily translated: Don’t give up. Commitment. You have received it. Good luck in the exam.

4. Don’t give up. Do not give in. Do not give out. You can win. Good luck in your exams.

=> Not giving up. Uncompromising. No despair. You can win. Good luck with the exam.
The 6th and 10th grade important exams are coming soon, your friends and relatives are about to enter one of the important exams of your life, so that they can safely conquer the exam, don’t forget to send it to you. My friends and relatives wish to have a good exam in grade 6 and grade 10 above. In addition, you refer to these Good exam wishes in English, France, Japan, China, Korea, Italy, Spain here.


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