Best wishes to join the army

Best wishes to join the army

Together, we will send the best wishes to join the army in 2020 to our children, younger siblings, with the wishes of good luck in the army that will help them to be able to work and fulfill their military service to the Fatherland. the best way.

Every February and March comes, new recruits prepare to go to the army to defend and build the Fatherland. In goodbye, farewell relatives, friends, lover … enlistment, send greetings will be a great source of encouragement to help the rookies have the motivation to fulfill their duties and responsibilities as well as feel comforted while living away from relatives and friends. The following is a collection of wishes to enlist in the army or, meaning, you refer.

Wishes for the lucky and happy duty goers

Collection of wishes to enlist in the army

1. The enlistment day is coming, wish you and wish the new recruits to enlist in the army peacefully, luckily, diligently practicing to fulfill their duty and responsibility to protect and build the Fatherland.

2. You enlist in the army to be lucky. At home, my family and I will always be there for you.

3. Wishing you peace enlistment. Being away from family for a short time is not short, please know how to take care of yourself, study and practice well.

4. Departing for the army lucky, fulfilling your obligations offline.

5. Wishing you a peaceful journey, good luck during your time wearing blue army clothes.

6. Enlistment is a time when you will face many difficulties, many challenges but be stronger and harder to complete the meaning of defending the Fatherland. Good luck.

7. I wish you to join the army in good luck, peace, and always keep your health. Be proud of yourself wearing blue blue soldier shirt.

8. Time goes by so fast bro, I and the whole family will always be on you. Please remember to take care of your health, remember to take care of yourself and complete the task well.

9. Enlistment is a way to help your children train themselves more solidly, know how to face difficulties and challenges. My parents and my family will always be with you, waiting for you to come back and make a name for your family.

It is almost time for your friends and relatives to enlist in the army, do not forget to send greetings to the army to recruit new recruits of the country.
Song On The Day Of Enlistment Although it is entertaining, it brings a meaningful message, educating the young generation to love and dedicate to the country and homeland, you can send enlistment day to your new recruit.


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