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Bitcoin and Ethereum Miner Revenue Drops Nearly 50%

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Bitcoin and ETH Miners Revenue Halved

The total revenue of Bitcoin and Ethereum miners decreased significantly in June compared to May.

Bitcoin Mining Revenue

According to TheBlock, Bitcoin miners generated $839 million in revenue in June, compared with $1.45 billion in May — a 42 percent drop.

Bitcoin price and declining transaction volume are the main reason behind Bitcoin mining revenue decline.

Additionally, the Bitcoin Hashrate is also down more than 50% since its peak in May, temporarily slowing down block mining until the next difficulty adjustment.

This is also likely to affect revenue.

bitcoin mining revenue

In June, the percentage of Bitcoin mining revenue from transaction fees dropped to 5%, while the number of daily transactions also dropped to nearly 200,000. This is a decrease not seen since August 2018.

transaction fee btc

Ethereum Mining Revenue

Similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum miners also face many difficulties.

In June, Ethereum miner revenue plummeted to $1.1 billion, a 53% drop from the high of $2.35 billion in May.

The fact that the price of ETH has been moving around the $2,000 threshold for so long and the decline in transactions on the network are the reasons why Ethereum mining revenue has plummeted.

Of the $1.1 billion figure, only about $166 million came from transaction fees — a significant drop from May.

The block reward paid to Ethereum miners accounts for the remaining $940 million.

transaction fee eth

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