Tin tốt ra liên tục, Bitcoin bật tăng lên 35.000 USD

Bitcoin bounces to $35,000 after a series of good news

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Good news keeps coming, Bitcoin bounces up to $35,000 3

BTC price hits $35,500 in the context of El Salvador giving Bitcoin to people, and Praguay can accept Bitcoin as the national currency.

Bitcoin price this morning bounced up, sometimes reaching $ 35,500 when many positive news appeared. Currently each Bitcoin trades around the $34,000 mark.

bitcoin rate

Specifically, the government of El Salvador recently announced to give away 30 USD in Bitcoin to each adult citizen of this country. Paraguay is now considering recognizing Bitcoin as legal tender.

In addition, the country is also expected to become a new technology center for cryptocurrencies, promoting Bitcoin mining with green energy. Following in the footsteps of El Salvador, Paraguay, the countries of Argentina and Brazil are also starting to show great interest in Bitcoin.

In the face of many positive news, the price of altcoins also quickly increased as Bitcoin gradually recovered. ETH bounced back at $2,000 – an important psychological threshold.

Regarding investment decisions at this time, experts say that investors should still wait for some more signals from the market, especially the quarterly events of BTC and ETH futures and options. due on June 25 with a total value of up to 6 billion USD.

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