Đợt giảm khác sắp xảy ra, Bitcoin có thể về 23.000 USD

‘Bitcoin can reach 23,000 USD’

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Another drop is coming, Bitcoin could reach $23,000

The cryptocurrency market in general and Bitcoin in particular have yet to show any strong recovery signals. On the contrary, according to the forecast, the decline will continue, the price of BTC can reach the mark of 23,000 USD.

Bitcoin price movement over the past two weeks has been quite bleak. BTC continuously lost important support levels. After failing to regain the $40,000 mark on June 3, the price of BTC tended to decline. After touching $30,000 on May 24, BTC did not have any significant recovery momentum. Most of the time, the BTC price is mostly below the $40,000 level.

Over the weekend, after the interview of former US President Donald Trump, BTC once again “bleeded”, the price sometimes reached around 32,000 USD before being traded at the current 33,000 USD mark.

According to the analysis, the BTC rally is being blocked below the resistance confluence of the SMA (50) and SMA (100) on the 4-hour chart. The sideways trend causes many analysts to look to the long-term rather than the short-term outlook.

price chart btc

“Bitcoin is still in a bear cycle,” said crypto analyst Nebraskan Gooner.

Predicting the direction of Bitcoin in the next few days, Nebraskan Gooner said: “If BTC fails to hold the support at $32,000, it is likely to reach the $23,000 mark.”

“In terms of technical analysis, in the short term, BTC price will continue to decline. The selling momentum in the next few days could be stronger. I believe another bad correction will happen soon,” he added.

However, Nebraskan also reassured investors that the next bull cycle will be larger after this correction. Therefore, investors need to “try to weather this storm to enjoy the good things ahead”.

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