Bitdefender Mobile Security 2017, the leading antivirus application for Android

For just $ 15 / year, you will get Bitdefender Mobile Security: the leading Android antivirus application, which helps protect your devices against malware, viruses, etc.

Bitdefender Development of anti-virus software began in 2001, and currently the company’s software is installed and used on 500 million devices worldwide. In particular, the leading antivirus application for Android devices of the company must be mentioned Bitdefender Mobile Security also known as Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus (on Google Play Store), with over 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store. With the price 14.95 USD / year, the app provides a suite of advanced anti-virus, anti-malware features, and an easy-to-use interface for Android Wear smartphones, tablets, and even Android Wear smartwatches.

Bitdefender Mobile Security 2017: The leading antivirus application for Android

The drawback is that Bitdefender Mobile Security which lacks call filters, message filters, is usually available on Android security applications. However, the speed of malware detection of the application must be said to be “excellent”, along with the implementation of limited functionality, making Bitdefender Mobile Security different from antivirus applications for Android is different, and this is why Bitdefender Mobile Security is considered the leading Android antivirus application, including free and paid apps.

Price and protection level

Bitdefender Mobile Security is the only antivirus application for Android with the only “affordable” price. New users will be able to try out the app for 14 days, after the trial is over they will have to pay 1.49 USD / month or 14.69 USD / year for each device.

If you are looking for a solution, antivirus app for Mac or computer, or looking for options for your family devices, you can consider choosing Bitdefender Total Security for a price. 90 USD / year (including up to 5 devices) or Bitdefender Family Pack for $ 120 / year (no device limit). With subscribers for many years, and new users buying the app for the first time, the price will be significantly reduced.

For users who only care about antivirus to protect their devices, Bitdefender provides a separate application called Bitdefender Antivirus Free, which uses the same excellent antivirus technology for Android without releasing it. any sound.

There is also Bitdefender Mobile Security, a free app for iOS devices, but only offers anti-theft and breach notification features, with no anti-virus component.

Protect your device from malware (malware)

Bitdefender Mobile Security comes with a number of functions to protect your device from malware, of which scanning is the most core function.

Users can conduct a scan of their devices manually, only the only option to switch including external memory (microSD memory card) during the scan. This scan takes about 30 seconds.

Bitdefender Mobile Security 2017 is the leading mobile antivirus app for android 2

If you have a Bitdefender account, you can start scanning from the web portal Bitdefender Central. The remote scan takes about 40 seconds to complete and only displays information on the web portal, with no indication that your device has been scanned remotely.

In terms of performance, Bitdefender came in fourth, but in terms of performance in malware scanning, the application ranked first.

Bitdefender’s web security feature automatically blocks websites and blocks harmful downloads of applications, software, documents, etc. based on real-time connection to the database. Bitdefender Cloud Services (Bitdefender’s cloud service).

Other browsers that support this feature are also expanded, including the browser Chrome, Dolphin, Firefox, Opera, Opera Mini, standard browser of Samsung, the browser in the Facebook app, and the browser in the Facebook Messenger app.

You can try to access some malicious and phishing websites, the Bitdefender application will display warnings stating that those websites are unsafe, with a brief description of the specific concerns and provided for You 2 options: Take me back to safety and I understand the risks – take me there anyway.

Anti-malware performance

In a recent review of Android security apps by the German independent lab AV-TEST, conducted in July this year, Bitdefender achieved a “perfect” score.

The application detects 100% of all 3,328 malware in real time, and detects 100% of 3,129 malware samples collected in the previous 4 weeks.

Bitdefender Mobile Security 2017 is the best mobile antivirus software for android 3

Bitdefender Mobile Security 2017: The leading antivirus application for Android

Beat the average detection rate of 98.3% in real time and 99.6% of recently discovered threats out of 19 Android security applications that AV-TEST has tested.

Out of 5 antivirus apps for Android rated by AV-TEST, Norton Mobile Security achieve a 100/100% detection rate, followed by PSafe DFNDR (99.9 / 99.9%), Avast Mobile Security (99.8 / 99.9%) and CM Security Master (99.0 / 99.3%)

In the bi-monthly evaluation of AV-TEST, Bitdefender’s detection rate is reliable. In addition, Bitdefender also scored 100/100% in the assessments in March and May this year and in all 6 assessments in 2016. In the January 2017 review, the detection rate of the application reaches 99.9 / 100%. Only Norton Mobile Security is up to the task.

In contrast, since January this year the detection rate of CM Security Master reached the highest level of 100% and then decreased to only 99.0%. The detection rate of PSafe DFNDR also varied quite a lot, from 99.9% to only 99.3%. The detection rate of Avast Mobile Security is less volatile, from 99.9% to 99.5%.

Account security

One of Bitdefender Mobile Security’s outstanding features is account security. You only need to enter and claim the email address, then perform a scan of known security breaches on the services you use that email address to sign up for.

This scan is repeated daily, unlike malware scans and will update you if there is any news.

Anti-theft (Anti-Theft)

Bitdefender Mobile Security also added anti-theft features. Users can control anti-theft features from web portal, or via SMS. Accessibility features include location, lock, and data deletion on the device.

Bitdefender Mobile Security 2017 is the best mobile antivirus software for android 4

Anti-theft feature is not enabled via Snap Photo. Taking pictures from the front camera in case if a user unlocked the device 3 times in a row but failed. Photos will be sent to Bitdefender Central.

The anti-theft control via SMS has more features than through the web portal. One such feature is instant messaging CALLME on your phone. This allows you to be able to hear the thief speaking in “stealth mode” on your device without notifying them.

The last Bitdefender Anti-Theft feature is the SIM change settings. During the setup process, you confirm a trusted phone number, such as a relative’s phone number. In case your SIM card is changed (removed for example), a trusted phone number will receive a message with a new phone number associated with the new SIM card on your phone to search for the device. got lost.

A trusted phone number is also the only phone number allowed to provide deletion orders via SMS. This feature is not very common, but is also a useful security measure.

App Lock

If you haven’t set up your device lock (it’s best to do it) or if you or let others lend your phone, App Lock is a useful feature that you should use.

This feature allows you to set a PIN code for specific applications. When setting up this feature you will have to enter a PIN of 4 to 8 characters, which applies to lock all apps, but if your device has a fingerprint reader, you can use a fingerprint. to unlock selected applications and use the PIN as a backup solution.

Bitdefender Mobile Security 2017 is the best mobile antivirus software for android 5

Just like the anti-theft feature (Anti-Theft), App Lock will take a picture of the user in case if the wrong application PIN is entered 3 times (or fingerprint scanning). You can choose to unlock geo-unlock apps by specifying specific Wi-Fi networks reliably, when the device is connected to any specific Wifi, all apps will be unlocked. .

Privacy Advisor

Privacy Advisor gives users an overview of security from 0 to 100 and ratings (low, medium or high) based on the applications you install and the permissions granted to those applications. Apps are sorted by risk level and color: green with no risk, orange is medium risk and red is high risk.

Bitdefender Mobile Security 2017 is the leading mobile antivirus app for android 6

You can filter the list of applications by different metrics, such as “apps may cost money” or “apps for your personal data for strangers”. Click on the application and you will get a breakdown of the permissions granted to the application and the risks of the applications.


The report is simply a notice of a security issue that Bitdefender noted in the current week and the weeks before. Those are reminders, explaining why you should install the application. Event Viewern shows more details about each activity recorded by Bitdefender.


Bitdefender Mobile Security also supports Android Wear smartwatch. The watch app notifies you if your phone is lost (losing Bluetooth connection between your phone and watch) and allows you to search your phone by dragging the app on your smart watch and pressing choose Sound Alarm.

System impact

To assess the system impact of Bitdefender Mobile Security, in the test, we used the Geekbench 4 Android benchmarking tool on Samsung Galaxy S8 running Android 7.0 Nougat. After installing the application, the device’s performance was reduced by 1.68% compared to the average performance in the Geekbench test 4. During a full scan, the device achieved 0.92%, lower than the mechanical performance. copy.

Installation and support

The process of downloading and installing Bitdefender Mobile Security on the Google Play Store takes only a few minutes, and the process of upgrading to a Premium package (the premium feature pack) takes only 3 minutes. If activating the code, do so by clicking the menu button in the top left corner, then clicking Activation Code is done.

Bitdefender Mobile Security 2017 is the leading mobile antivirus app for android 7

Bitdefender Mobile Security 2017: The leading antivirus application for Android

Bitdefender Mobile Security has online support documents, or forums for people who want to research and find answers. There is also a 24/7 online chat service and direct phone support.


The Bitdefender Mobile Security interface was redesigned in 2015 with significant changes to conform to Google’s Material Design guidelines.

In short, if you like an attractive, intuitive interface, you can choose CM Security Master. And for users who just want an “do it” application, Bitdefender Mobile Security is the perfect choice.

That’s some reviews on Bitdefender Mobile Security 2017: the leading antivirus app for Android, one of the best Android antivirus software. What is your opinion about Bitdefender Mobile Security? Share your opinions for offline!
In addition, if you read your device with Bitdefender Mobile Security, with your personal computer its Bitdefender Internet Security antivirus software will be a good choice when Bitdefender Internet Security brings security features. system interface, remove viruses and remove malware, control all online activities of users. BitDefender Internet Security will ensure safety for banking transactions, online purchases, password management, protect social networks, create weekly security reports …


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