Block ad add-on viruses with AdwCleaner on computers

Block ad add-on viruses with AdwCleaner on computers

Blocking add-on ad viruses by downloading AdwCleaner on your computer is one of many ways to help you protect your privacy while surfing the web, instead of every time you open the web, you will see ads that are difficult to see and difficult. If you use AdwCleaner, you will avoid problems like this.

One way to help you prevent the spread of viruses in the form of ad add-ons and popups is to use AdwCleaner software. Here will guide you to use AdwCleaner software to remove add-on ad viruses, block popup ads, … effectively, and follow up to know how to do this.

Instructions for using AdwCleaner to block Add-on ad viruses

Step 1: Download and install the latest AdwCleaner software here. Download AdwCleaner.

– Setting: Quite simple, you just need to follow the instructions to do so.

Step 2: Run the program AdwCleaner will have the interface as shown below.

Then Click Scan to program Virus search on computer systems.

Step 3: After the scan is completed, will display a notice for each Virus (if any).

To remove them, just click Uninstall or Click Clean to delete them

After completing you close the program and restart the computer and check the results, if you use on the Firefox and Google Chrome web browsers, you use the Adblock add-on to block ads, this is a utility. A lot of users and good reviews there.

Above we have introduced you how to use AdwCleaner software to remove unwanted Advertising Viruses. You can also refer to some other ad blocking software such as RemoveAds or Pop Up Blocker, ….


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