Block ads on Google Chrome, turn off ads when browsing on Google Chrome

Block ads on Google Chrome, turn off ads when browsing on Google Chrome

Blocking ads on Google Chrome helps you avoid annoying and unwanted ads on Google Chrome browser. will help you remove all ads or block ads to focus on watching videos on Google Chrome browser.

Youtube is the largest video sharing website in the world so having many ads of companies, businesses or large and small websites in the world placed on Youtube is not too difficult to understand. However, it will take time and frustration if you just have to watch the video and turn off these ads and the only way to deal with those annoying ads is to block ads. Here we will guide you how to block this ad offline

The following article will show you how to block these ads, so they do not appear on YouTube to bother you anymore on Google Chrome browser.

Block ads on Youtube on Chrome

Step 1: To block ads on Youtube on Chrome you first need to visit Chrome Web Store

Step 2: At the search bar, type Adblock Plus to search for this gadget. At the same time press Add to Chrome (Add to Chrome) corresponds to the found extension.

high quality youtube on chrome

A pop-up window opens> click on you Add Extension to install extensions on Chrome

high quality youtube on chrome

After installing the Add-on successfully, you try to access Youtube to watch a Video to see if there is any difference, all the ads have been added to the Video, the ads appear outside themselves. Dynamic is removed.

If you use IE 11, please block ads on IE to get the maximum browsing speed and above all, when visiting websites, avoid ads containing dangerous viruses.

Currently, YouTube supports the auto-play video feature, if you do not like, you can turn off the auto-play videos on Youtube to avoid having to watch unwanted videos.

In addition, you refer 9 hidden features on Google Chrome maybe you didn’t know to be able to use the Google Chrome web browser better.
Chrome is the most used web browser today not only in the world but also for Vietnamese users, a difficulty for Vietnamese people is that when browsing the web, they need to type accented Vietnamese at some point. type Vietnamese on chrome, you can refer to how to fix not type Vietnamese on chrome to have the best solution.


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