Block Coc Coc ads, turn off Coc Coc ads

Block Coc Coc ads, turn off Coc Coc ads

Blocking Coc Coc ads will help you avoid annoying ads when using Cốc Cốc browser to surf the web, watch movies. To turn off Coc Coc ads, you can follow the instructions in the article below.

Although advertising is one of the effective means to spread information, they do not always appear at the right time and in the right place, this partly makes users feel when browsing the web on Coc Coc and many other browsers. like Firefox, Chrome feels uncomfortable. But you can completely solve this problem by using Adblock Plus tool to to block Coc Coc ads.

How to block Coc Coc ads, turn off Coc Coc ads

Block Coc Coc ads, turn off Coc Coc ads

Step 1: Access and download the Adblock Plus add-on on the Chrome Webstore app store by clicking the Coc Coc icon> MoreTools > Extensions > Get more extension.

how to take care of high coc coc

Press menu Coc Coc> More Tools> Extensions to access the extension monitoring tool.

remove coc coc

Press Get more extensions to access the Chrome WebStore page.
Or you can go to Adblock Plus directly Here.

Step 2: Click Free (Free) to download. Click Add (Add) on the pop-up icon appears.

guide to advertising on coc coc

Step 3: After installation, you will see the Adblock Plus icon appear in the top right corner of the Coc Coc browser.

cach chan quang cao coc coc

Click here Add extension to add an extension to the browser.

high quality on coc coc

After installing Adblock Plus successfully on Cốc Cốc browser, you can start blocking ads on Coc Coc.

Normally Adblock Plus will block ads on all websites that enable Coc Coc, but if you want to unblock ads for each individual website, simply click on the Adblock Plus icon and uncheck it on this page. .

coc coc high advertisement

If you do not want to block ads on Coc Coc anymore, you just need to tick the ad icon on the Adblock Plus extension

* Encounter stubborn ads, how to block ads like?

Step 1: Right-click on the ad you want to block and select Block element This so that Adblock Plus can block ads on Coc Coc in place.

how to clear coc coc

Step 2: Click Add (More) to confirm that the ad is one of the objects that need to be blocked by Coc Coc ads

Coc Coc coc coc

Press Add to add selected ads to the block list of ads function on Coc Coc.

High quality on coc coc

After blocking Coc Coc ads, the ads that caught my eye were gone.

When the Adblock Plus ad blocking filter on Coc Coc has not been able to update enough data, of course, it leads to the situation that the website is still advertising, click the Adblock Plus icon on the Coc Coc menu bar and click Block element to turn off any remaining ads.

how to clear coc coc

Block individual ad elements by selecting Block element.

Not only blocking Coc Coc ads when browsing, users can also block ads when watching YouTube videos With Coc Coc, what’s better than that when you’re not bothered by ads when watching YouTube on Coc Coc? Also with the same feature, users can use an extension called SBRO Safe Browsing to block ads on Coc Coc and Chrome, this tool supports blocking Coc Coc ads and spam, pop-up quite versatile.
Wish you will have the best browsing experience when blocking ads on Coc Coc.


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