Block wifi users, see who is using wifi wifi temple and disconnect

Block Wifi users to do? Try to think if your home WiFi network is slow without any cause and not from the device or carrier. It may be that the “neighbors” are reluctant to access and that is why we need to block WiFi users to ensure that “unauthorized” intruders won’t be able to drain the bandwidth of You and with instructions to block Wifi users hope to help you fix the problem.

Wifi network is widely used today by the advantage of the feature is that it allows wireless internet connection and helps many people to use wifi at the same time. However, there are many times when the network is unusually slow due to too many people accessing at the same time. To be able to control who is capturing your Wifi and how to block wifi users Wireless Network Watcher is the great solution now.

After using Wireless Network Watcher Know who is using your wifi then log into the modem and proceed block MAC or change modem password so that they cannot access.

If you see the speed, wifi signal your home is weak, please refer to the article Increase wifi signal, try to follow 9 ways that, surely wifi signal will increase stronger.

How to prevent wifi from the temple from the phone

Where you do not have the computer that want blocking wifi pagoda from electricity is also very simple, we have instructions for both iphone and android devices, you can see: Check, block using WiFi pagoda by Phone

Block wifi users, disconnect temple wifi users

Block Wifi users without software (newly updated)

Note To perform to block Wifi users with the following method, you need to have a little skill or have ever managed your home Modem to know when entering the modem admin section according to the link or (or depending on your device). In this there will be a part is IP & MAC Binding (Depending on the modem, the names are different but the type will be related to the MAC).
>> Which will have a MAC filtering part or similar feature Binding Settings, this is a feature that allows to access Wifi with MAC addresses already declared.
chan using wifi
In this section, you will see a list of all the IPs accessing with MAC address, what you need to do is activate this feature by clicking. ARP Binding Enable.
chan using wifi
Next filter the list, find out your IP address as the type of phone, laptop corresponding to the IP, retain the remaining devices you do not know, please tick and then click Delete to delete it, this will block WiFi users. And if someone wants to access you allow just work Add new MAC address.
chan using wifi

Block wifi users, prevent theft of wifi

Step 1: Download and install Wireless Network Watcher on the computer. You can download the latest version of Wireless Network Watcher
Step 2: The Wireless Network Watcher wifi management program will scan all computers connected to the network and then list the information IP address, Hostname … Here you will know which devices are connected to your WiFi network, then intercept wifi

View WiFi content

Check who is using wifi with Wireless Network Watcher

Step 3: Set the scanning interval to know if anyone can access your Wi-Fi network during the scan period. Options ->Advanced options. Section Background scan interval You enter the time the program automatically resumes if someone connects to the program will notify you from there to know whether or not someone is using the temple Wifi network. You will need to block using wifi

Check WiFi users

Block wifi access – prevent theft of wifi

Step 4:

If someone uses your home wifi then either You have not set a password for the wifi modem or you WiFi password has been leaked of the modem, in this case you need to change the wifi password regularly and periodically for more security

Solution 2 If you are technically savvy or just want to let some people not be using WiFi by setting permissions and blocking MAC address on the wifi transmitter modem follow the instructions below

Prevent intrusion if you see intruders steal Wifi network, you want to block that device from using it anymore, the first thing you need to know is which machine, then remember the address MAC of that machine.

Have you used wifi yet?

Next, open the Web browser, type in the address and enter the password

Note: Each router broadcast different wifi will have different login address and password, access modem login account to see more information on how to log in for each type of router

Check WiFi users

An interface appears, you enter Wireless ->Wireless MAC Filtering, Click on it Add New

chat using wifi wifi

In MAC address You enter the MAC address of the device that wants to block capturing wifi, at description choose Wireless MAC Filter One select Enable section Status

See who is using wifi yet

Next, you come back Filtering Rules tick Deny the stations … At the same time, click Enable to turn on the function Wireless MAC Filtering

chan using wifi

So you know how to control and blanket Wifi and prevent theft of your wifi. With this tip, you can now rest assured your Wifi network is not being stolen. Also, you can refer to 9 How to do it Increase Wifi signal has introduced.
Wifi network is now indispensable in the life of every reader, the home must have their own wifi router to access the internet, use useful services, however, there are some households. families who do not use wifi modems often borrow, access, to hide their home wifi network is not difficult, however, if someone who comes to play and wants to log in to the wifi is hidden, do it how, with the hidden wifi connection on, you will be easier to guide that person to access your home wifi network.


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