Blog access is blocked, blogspot access when blocked by the network

Visiting a blocked blog is a solution to help users access blogspot in case they cannot use their personal blog. This way, users can access the blog as well as blocked websites easily.

There are many ways blogs are blocked for users. One of the most common ways today is to change DNS on Windows. However, this method does not work in some cases. Therefore, users need to learn more different ways.

With a lot of software support on blocked blogs was born, the highlight is the software to change the IP address, bypass firewalls, or simply the web browser to support blocked blogs, websites. Users can refer to below.

Method 1: Use Ultrasurf or Hotspot Shield software

Ultrasurf is one of the familiar software for Vietnamese Facebook users. It allows users to bypass firewalls and access any blocked websites. Its mode of operation is also very simple, except that the network speed is also significantly reduced because of using a foreign proxy.

Blog access is blocked by Ultrasurf

Download and install the new version of Ultrasurf here: Download Ultrasurf

Hotspot Shield is also one of the tools you should use if you want to access blocked blogs. This free VPN client allows your computer to connect to a virtual private network, and use IP from the US to access the address you want to access. In general, the speed of Hotspot Shield is quite good, encourages you to use this software.

on the blog is blocked by hotspot shield

Blog access is blocked with Hotspot Shield

Download and install the new version of Hotspot Shield here: Download Hotspot Shileld

Method 2: Change DNS

This is the most traditional method that the internet community still uses to access blocked blogs and websites that they like. You can choose Google’s DNS range of instead of the DNS range provided by the network provider default.

on the blog is blocked by dns way

Blog access is blocked by changing the DNS

Method 3: Use the Tor Browser

The Tor Browser has built-in default firewall functionality. Therefore, you only need to use the Tor Browser to access blocked blogs or websites that you are comfortable blocking. The advantage of using the Tor Browser is lightweight and easy to use, but the download process is a bit slow because the browser takes time to filter out the blocked addresses.

to my blog

Download and use the Tor Browser here: Download Tor Browser
So has just introduced you methods to access blocked blogs, how to access the web and blogs when blocked or inaccessible. These are all simple and effective methods, you do not need to have too much knowledge of the network and still apply. In addition, if Facebook access is blocked, you can also refer way to login Facebook that we have instructed


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