Blogger – Change the URL of posts in Blogger

You are trying to optimize the article URL on Blogspot but do not know how to do it? Please follow the tips below of to know how to do it.

Previously, Blogger did not allow changing the default URL of blog posts, but now we can do this job easily. This helps with search engine optimization.

Change the URL of the post on Blogger

To do this you follow these steps:

Step 1: Log in to Blogger at: Here, then type UserName and Password.

Change the URL of the post on blogger

Step 2: Open the blog I’ve created before and click “New post”(Picture below)

Step 3: Here we choose “Fixed link“, Then select”Custom fixed links”To change the URL. You can customize the URL of the article here. Then Click “Finish”(Picture below)

So we can change the URL of the blog post URL, which is great for search engines. Tools like: Google, yahoo, Bing, … will favor your Blog more.


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