Bluetooth laptop is faulty, its causes and remedies

Bluetooth laptop is faulty, making it impossible for users to connect to peripherals such as mice, keyboards, headsets, and even share photos, music files, etc. with other laptops. The following article will tell you the cause and how to fix some of the problems that lead to Bluetooth errors on laptops

To talk about the Bluetooth error there are lots of errors that come with it, there are plenty of troubles around, but don’t worry too much Bluetooth laptop is faulty because always sends readers the most standard fixes and fixes to ensure the safety of the computer.

In today’s article we will summarize the Bluetooth errors that can occur on laptops with how to fix them. We also know that Bluetooth is very important on computers, but users are quite indifferent to simple alternatives to Bluetooth, but when they encounter a situation where they need to use Bluetooth, they are struggling to find a fix. , to avoid the above case, please equip yourself with knowledge to be able to fix Bluetooth laptop errors when you encounter them.

Instructions to fix a faulty Bluetooth laptop

1. Bluetooth error does not work

You have done everything, but Bluetooth does not work, even if you turn it on but Bluetooth cannot connect to other devices, follow these steps to restart Bluetooth and see if it works properly. Please come back often.

Step 1: First press the key combination Windows + R then enter “services.msc” and press OK, got it to confirm access to manage services running in Windows.

bluetooth laptop is an error and method 2

Step 2: You find a process called Bluetooth Support Service Right click on it properties.

bluetooth laptop is a fault and method 3

Step 3: In Properties of the Bluetooth Support Services Selection Automatic and press Start let the system launch for Bluetooth.

bluetooth laptop is a fault and method 4

After this step, try connecting Bluetooth to your external device to see if it works again.

2. Bluetooth error runs but cannot connect

The problem with Bluetooth laptop is that it happens very often, the main reason is probably the current driver of your version has an error or the virus causes a file to be corrupted.To fix this laptop Bluetooth problem is very simple when you Just delete the old Bluetooth or upgrade to the new version for Bluetooth in the way below.

Step 1: press the key combination Windows + X to open Power Menu then select Device Manager, where the driver controls the input and output devices.

bluetooth laptop is a fault and method 5

Step 2: Navigate to the Bluetooth driver section, right click and select Uninstall device.

bluetooth laptop is a fault and method 6

Step 3: When the confirmation system asks you to click Uninstall to remove them.

bluetooth laptop is a fault and method 7

Step 4: After removal is complete you choose Action >Scan for hardware changes.

bluetooth laptop is a problem and method 8

Wait a moment, you will see all the Bluetooth drivers installed on your computer as shown below.

bluetooth laptop is a fault and method 9

Now try to see if the Bluetooth laptop is out of error.

3. Bluetooth not available

This error is very common after you perform a Windows update, especially Windows 10. To fix Bluetooth is not available we need to restart the Bluetooth system on the computer.

Step 1: Press the key combination WIndows + I to open Windows Settings and then access the section Network & Internet, make sure you turn off airplane mode.

bluetooth laptop is a fault and method 10

Step 2: Here you just need to check the mode Airplane mode is off and Bluetooth is on or not.

bluetooth laptop is a fault and method 11

Or maybe on Device Manager The above mentioned comes and turned on Bluetooth up, most likely you haven’t Enable device.

bluetooth laptop is a fault and method 12

4. No Bluetooth laptop found.

Most Bluetooth laptops have this error because you have not allowed your device to display around to catch Bluetooth, in this error we just need to turn on the visibility for Bluetooth again.

Step 1: Press the key combination Windows + I to open Windows Settings and then access the Device section.

bluetooth laptop is a fault and method 13

Step 2: In the Device section, select continue Bluetooth & other devices and choose Bluetooth options.

bluetooth laptop is a fault and method 14

Step 3: In Bluetooth Settings activate 2 modes as Allow Bluetooth devices to find this PC and show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area.

Bluetooth laptop is an error and method 15

Then you just need Apply >OK, got it and close the window.
Above are 4 basic ways to help you overcome Bluetooth laptop problem, although it is a fundamental error but often overlooked, please fix all problems that occur on the computer so that your operating system has Can operate smoothly, if there are difficulties, please leave a message in this article. Not only the basic Bluetooth error, or the status of Bluetooth not working on Windows 10, we can completely help you, by the way, those who are using Windows 10 but have the above-mentioned error see the tutorial. repair Bluetooth notworking error on Windows 10 and follow the instructions.


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