Bphone 3 – Swipe, swipe and swipe

Bphone 3 has completely removed the hard keys and the usage of Bphone 3 is also completely different from previous generations. For the first time, Vietnamese users will be able to use a pure Vietnamese phone, which can only be used to swipe, swipe and swipe.

After solving the Bphone 3 camera problem, we will continue searching understand how to use Bphone 3, gestures are included in Bphone 3. For those who have used iPhone X or some smartphones without touch keys, they will probably know how to use it. But on Bphone 3 it’s much more than that.

Bphone 3: Swipe, swipe and swipe

1. Swipe left

For Bphone 3 users, swiping left will bring you back to the previous page. This is equivalent to the Back key on Android before

2. Swipe to the right

bphone 3 vuot vuot and vuot 2

With the swipe right will immediately show up quick tools instead of Notification as before. It can be said that these toolbars are quite similar to the iPhone X and the BKAV itself also admits to learning a lot from this operating system.

3. Swipe from the top down

bphone 3 vuot vuot va vuot 3

The most familiar operation is still swiping from top to bottom to display the Notification panel. With this operation, users can view familiar information, notifications of applications or personal messages, incoming calls.

4. Manipulating the screen

bphone 3 vuot vuot and vuot 4

In addition to swiping, users can use the screen hold gestures on both sides to activate individual features.

Keep the edge of the screen on the left: Hold for 1 second will display the function to increase or decrease the screen brightness without having to access the toolbar as before.

Hold the edge of the screen to the right: Hold for 1 second will display the tool to change the volume on the screen without having to press the hard keys as before.

5. Turn off the screen quickly in Bphone 3

One finding during Bphone 3 experience is that you just swipe to turn off the screen quickly on Bphone 3. Specifically, you swipe from the left edge to the right for a short distance and quickly swipe back to the instrument position. The system will automatically receive orders and turn off the screen of Bphone 3 immediately.

6. Multitasking interface on Bphone 3

Multitasking interface of Bphone 3 is quite similar to the current Android series as well as on iPhone X. Regarding Android, it is still press and hold to access the quick editing interface on Android.

bphone 3 vuot vuot and vuot 5

If you want to display a multitasking interface like the iPhone X or applications, simply swipe from the bottom to the middle of the screen and hold there.

About Setting interface

A quick look in the Settings section will not have much change, we will mention in more detail when there is an official Bphone 3 as well as in another article. Here you can see that Bphone 3 is running on Android 8.1.0 platform with the latest version of BOS 3.0.

bphone 3 vuot vuot and vuot 6

Interface for listening to calls, texting

The interface of old applications such as listening to calls and texting is also not much changed. Because the screen of Bphone 3 is 18: 9 ratio, when you use it, it will look much more elegant than before.

bphone 3 vuot vuot va vuot 7

Exclusive applications on Bphone 3

In addition to the default applications installed on the device or applications downloaded from the CH Play app store, on Bphone 3, there are still exclusive applications such as eDict or Chim Lac, another sounding name for an application. browser.

bphone 3 vuot vuot va vuot 8

Edict: Simple this is a dictionary application that allows users to look up dictionaries such as Vietnamese – English, is an exclusive product of BKAV and currently only Bphone smartphones can be used.

Bird Lac: As a completely new browser developed by BKAV itself, currently Chim Lac is only available on computers and Bphone 3. BKAV has no intention of putting it on the current app store.

Above is our preliminary assessment of an outstanding feature article, features, features that Bphone 3 for you to know before deciding whether to buy Bphone 3 or not. Of course, this is not all the features that wait for the official version, Taimienphi.vn will have more time to study and introduce readers to its features.

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