Ruffer kiếm được 1,1 tỷ USD từ việc bán Bitcoin

British company earns $1.1 billion in profits from Bitcoin

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Ruffer Earns $1.1 Billion From Selling Bitcoin

After several Bitcoin sales earlier this year, Ruffer – a UK investment company made $ 1.1 billion in profit, almost double the initial capital of $ 600 million.

“In December and January, when the Bitcoin price doubled, we made a profit. When the company sold the last batch of Bitcoin in April, the company’s total profit exceeded $ 1.1 billion,” said Hamish Baillie, Investment Director at Ruffer.

According to the company, their last sale occurred around the time the Bitcoin price set a new record at $64,854 on April 14.

When asked about the reason for the recent BTC sale, “We think that young people who are new to the market won’t spend as much time trading as the lockdowns are over,” Baillie explains.

Over the past time, a few studies have shown that cryptocurrency trading activities increase many times during the global blockade and isolation, especially among F0 investors.

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