Camera the size of a grain of salt, takes amazingly sharp pictures

This micro camera was developed by researchers from Princeton University and the University of Washington, USA. This camera the size of a grain of salt can take amazing pictures.

This new ultra-small camera can capture objects at close range with stunning detail that’s sharper, full of color, comparable to conventional lenses 500,000 times larger. To achieve this, the researchers equipped the new micro-camera with a technology called hypersurface.

Princeton University’s micro camera placed on the fingertip. Photo: Princeton University

According to the researchers, this supersurface is more than half a millimeter wide. On it are attached 1.6 million cylinders the size of a virus that is responsible for using algorithms to figure out how to filter red, green, and blue light in different objects.

In the past, micro cameras have also appeared, but the images captured are blurred, blurred and inaccurate.

Compare images taken by the previous micro camera (left) and now (right).
Compare images taken by the previous micro camera (left) and now (right).

The researchers hope this micro-sized camera will be useful in the medical field, helping doctors see problems inside the human body.

Currently, researchers are continuing to find ways to enhance the image quality on cameras, improve object detection technology and other sensing methods.


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