Can I create a permanent password on Ultraviewer?

Ultraviewer allows users to create a fixed password to quickly connect to other people’s computers without using random passwords. Although the feature of creating a fixed password is set immediately by Ultraviewer in a noticeable working interface, few people know how to activate and use it.

The fixed password on the remote control software Ultraviewer has the same function and is used in parallel with the random password. Use a fixed password Ultraviewer will save you time connecting and remembering random software codes.

Create a permanent password on Ultraviewer

Taimienphi will guide you how to create a permanent password on Ultraviewer latest version 6.2. If the user does not have it installed, you can download it right in the link below.

– Download the software here: Download Ultraviewer

Instructions to create fixed passwords on Ultraviewer

Step 1: To set a fixed password on Ultraviewer you need to grant admin rights to this software. You right click Ultraviewer icon, choose Run as Adminitrator;

At this point, the operating system will ask for confirmation, click Yes to agree.

create a logo on the ultraviewer okay 2

Step 2:On the Ultraviewer window, click Key icon in the section Private password;

create a logo on the ultraviewer okay 3

Step 3: An installation window appears, this time you enter information to enter 2 boxes password and Enter the password to create yourself a fixed code on Ultraviewer.

Finally, you hit Agree to save settings.

create a logo on the ultraviewer okay 4

After performing 3 steps, you are done creating Fixed password on Ultraviewer. At this point, you can provide other users with quick access to your computer. Users who want to change another fixed password can perform the same steps as Taimienphi has just instructed. If using TeamViewer, you refer to how Create a permanent password on Teamviewer here.
In addition, to keep your privacy and confidentiality, please note that this password should only be provided to people you truly trust. Good luck!


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