Canon 2900 printer does not print

The Canon 2900 printer cannot print but what is the reason and how to handle these situations, if you do not know how to fix Canon 2900 printer error, the article The following is exactly what you are looking for.

Canon 2900 printer does not print There are many problems with the printer receiving the command but not printing and the case the printer is not receiving the command. So how to know how to and thoroughly handle the way that the error of the Canon 2900 printer cannot print like the error that the printer does not receive print jobs or receive jobs but does not print.

How to fix Canon 2900 printer cannot print

1. Due to cable connection error

Canon 2900 printer cannot print 2

If it doesn’t print, the first way you should check that is the cable. If the cable is not stable, it cannot be printed no matter how the order is accepted. To solve the problem, test with a different cable to see if it is true that the cable you are using is overwritten.

2. Due to driver error on the computer

For some reason your driver is faulty or it is also caused by a virus that causes the Canon 2900 printer to fail to print. If the driver has failed, then of course our job is to reinstall the driver.

– Download Canon LBP 2900 Driver standard here.

3. Due to IP errors that change on the computer.

Sometimes due to a power outage, or a network outage for a while or sometimes because your device has just been updated with a new IP, all sharing on the connection will be changed due to the IP change, your task at this time is just To do this is to reshare the printer to others, if you are not a server, you need to contact the person who is the printer owner.

4. Due to too many print jobs at a time

Yes, because there are too many print jobs that will cause the Canon LBP 2900 to not print, this is not only a fault of Canon LBP 2900 that any type of machine can suffer. To handle you follow the following instructions:

Step 1: First press Windows key + R key combination to open the Run command box, here you go enter command services.msc then press OK, got it to access the Servies tool.

Canon 2900 printer not printed in 3

Step 2: Here you scroll down to find the section named Print Spooler, This is the process that is related to our printer.

Canon 2900 printer cannot print 4

Step 3: Right click Print Spooler and here you choose Restart to restart this process.

Canon 2900 printer not printing 5

The restart process will be very fast, after restarting, you can print a test to see if the Canon 2900 printer error prints slowly from the 2nd sheet or not right away.

Canon 2900 printer not printed in 6

5. Because the printer is in Offline mode

Because a few errors occurred between Windows and Canon LBP 2900 printer causing the machine to return to the online state and how to do it will be as follows:

Step 1: First you open StartMenu up knock Control Panel and access the Control Panel item found on the machine.

Canon 2900 printer not printed in 7

Step 2: Here you choose View devices and printers to enter printer management.

Canon 2900 printer not printed in 8

Step 3: Right-click on the printer Canon LBP 2900 choose See What’s printing.

Canon 2900 printer not printed in 9

Step 4: Finally on Printer > select Use Printer Offline to unmark it, okay.

Canon 2900 printer not printed in 10
The above are ways you can apply in case the Canon 2900 printer cannot print. Although this is not all, try it once and it will make your Canon LBP 2900 printer better. Especially if the printer receives a command but does not print, this article will be of great help to you. For those who often get the printer error or not, pay attention to apply these ways and follow.


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