Canon 2900 printer prints slowly from the 2nd sheet onwards

Have you ever encountered the case where the Canon 2900 printer prints slowly from the 2nd sheet onwards? Obviously the first sheet is very fast but moving to the second sheet is very slow. So the reason why Canon LBP 2900 printer prints slowly in the 2nd servant onwards, the following article will let you know.

There are many errors that occur during the use of Canon LBP 2900, not because this machine is poor quality but often has errors but this is just a typical, widely used machine that we want to talk about in the article. In fact, errors such as printers receiving but not printing, or not receiving or commands Canon 2900 printer prints slowly from the 2nd sheet Any printer will stick to it, not just this case. The important thing here is that wants to teach you how to fix errors like The printer receives the command but does not print or as in this article, the Canon LBP 2900 does not print slowly so you know and fix it the same for other brands of the same or different brand.

Instructions for fixing the slow-printing Canon 2900 printer from the 2nd sheet

1. Check the printer connection cable

Canon 2900 printer, print from the beginning, take 2 pictures 2

If the printer cable is damaged, you will immediately know because it will not be able to print, but in the case of a short-circuit, it is not necessarily broken, but the signal from the computer to the printer will be slower. many, especially for large print or large print files.

-> To handle this case you need to first replace another 1 second cable or bring the suspicious cable to another machine to check. If you check to another machine, the Canon 2900 printer is still slow to print from the second sheet, just like you are sure this is a cable error.

2. Check the sensor of Canon LBP 2900

Canon canon 2900 in a single size, 2 images in 3

On any printer other than the Canon LBP 2900, there is a sensor, which confirms whether the print job has finished and relays the paper to print to the next sheet. However, if this sensor malfunctions or gets dirty, the sensitivity of the sensor will be reduced.

-> To handle you have to open the machine and depending on the different types of printers, like Canon LBP 2900 we can look to the left where the sensor is there and wipe it away. In addition, you should also clean the printer regularly to make sure that you encounter unintended errors such as the slow-printing Canon 2900 printer from the 2nd sheet.

3. Proceed to restart Print Spooler

For some reason the printer’s software has a problem and is causing a short circuit, although this is a rare possibility, it does not mean it is not. For that reason we should restart the Print Spooler system by the following;

Step 1: First press Windows key + R key combination to open the Run command box, here you go enter command services.msc then press OK, got it to access the Servies tool.

Canon 2900 printer, print speed up, take 2 images 4

Step 2: Here you scroll down to find the section named Print Spooler (or Spooler), this is the process that is related to our printer.

Canon 2900 printer, print from zoom to zoom 2, 5

Step 3: Right click Print Spooler and here you choose Restart to restart this process.

Canon 2900 printer, print from the beginning, take 2 pictures 6

The restart process will be very fast, after restarting, you can try to print to see if the Canon 2900 printer error prints slowly from the 2nd sheet or not.

. Canon canon 2900 in a single size, 2 images in 7

The above are 3 ways as well as reasons you can follow to handle the situation of slow 2900 Canon printer from the 2nd sheet, in addition to this article, you also know more ways to handle a problem, Not only applies to the Canon 2900 printer slow print error from the 2nd sheet but also a lot of other problems.
However, the Canon LBP 2900 also has a lot of issues that users need to be concerned about, such as the situation of the Canon 2900 printer being blurred, for example, there are many reasons why The Canon 2900 printer is blurred. If it were you, how would you handle the problem? Please tell the answer.


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