Can't upload files to Google Drive? Here is how to fix the error

Can’t upload files to Google Drive? Here is how to fix the error

Google Drive is one of the reliable backup and sync solutions, with a bunch of handy features that make your life easier. However, Google Drive is also notorious for problems when uploading. If you are facing the error of not uploading files to Google Drive? Here is how to fix the error.

Recently, many users have reported back to, while using Google Drive, they encountered not being able to upload files to Google Drive. If you are also one of the users who are facing the error of uploading to Google Drive, refer to the error correction in the article below of

Note: The instructions below are done on the web version of Google Drive.

How to fix Failed to upload files to Google Drive

Open an incognito window

The first solution to the Google Drive problem, including uploading, is to open an incognito window. Separate anonymized windows, not using stored cookies can affect the browser, just open an incognito window and log in to Google Drive, then try reloading the files again to see if the error is still good is not.

To open an incognito window, you use the key combination Ctrl + Shift + N or Ctrl + Shift + P.

can't download files on google drive this is a fix 2

Clear browsing data

The browser stores cookies, cache and other data to help you browse the web easier and faster. However, sometimes this data can cause browser problems, such as being unable to upload files.

To fix this error, try to apply a way to delete browsing data, if you are using another web browser, you check how to clear browsing data. The instructions below guide you on how to delete browsing data on Chrome browser.

On the Chrome main menu, click History or alternatively press the key combination Ctrl + H. On the History window, click Clear browsing data to open the Clear browsing data window. Or alternatively you paste chrome: // settings / clearBrowserData Go to the browser address bar and press Enter to open the window directly.

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Section Time range, you choose All timme and check all 3 options below. In case, if you want to keep your browsing history, you can uncheck the option Browser history. Then click Clear Data to clear browser data, and try uploading the files to Google Drive again and checking for errors.

Unable to download files from Google Drive here as an error 4

Use another browser

If the above solutions do not work, try switching to a different browser, such as Opera, Chrome or Firefox, and see if the error persists.

Also, the error may occur because the browser you are using does not support Google Drive. However, this may not be true for popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

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If you are using one of the above browsers and encounter the error of not uploading files to Google Drive, try updating your browser to the latest version or switching to another browser and see if the error is correct overcome or not.

Make sure the image is activated

For some reason Google Drive will stop working if images are disabled on the browser. You can use it to edit and view data, but cannot upload or download images. So make sure the image is enabled in the browser and check if the error doesn’t load the remaining files or not.

Unable to download files from Google Drive here as a repair error 6

Check the status of Google services

Although rare, it can sometimes be because Google Drive is temporarily down. Try checking the status of all Google services listed on the G Suite Status Dashboard. All questions will be answered here.

Unable to download files from Google Drive, this is an error 7

The error may be due to network problem

The culprit may be network connectivity. This is especially true if the file you are uploading is canceled. Restarting the router is the solution to the problem. If that fails, try changing your IP address and turning off the Firewall. Using a VPN can also affect uploading, so make sure that the VPN is off.

Unable to download files from Google Drive which are methods of repairing files 8

If you are sure the culprit is network connection, resetting the router can fix this problem. Press and hold the button Reset on the router for about 5 to 10 seconds to reset the router.

The problem may be due to the file you uploaded

To check if the error is due to the file that you uploaded, try uploading 3 different files and see if the file can be uploaded. If one of these files is uploaded, the cause of the error is probably the file. Try renaming and formatting the file, making sure the file name doesn’t have characters like? /.

If the file is large (over 2GB), try splitting the file and uploading it, or using compression tools like 7-zip, etc.

Sharing files on Google Drive should also be noted, if you have not shared files on Google Drive to other users, they will not be able to open the files that you share.
If you are facing problems with not being able to upload files to Google Drive? Above are some ways to fix errors for you. Alternatively, you can try logging out of your Google account, then log back in and check if the error persists. Any comments or suggestions for please leave in the comment section below the article.


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